CARES Act – Higher Education Relief Fund

February 7, 2021

In an effort to assist students affected by the COVID-19 crises, the Federal Government approved the $2 trillion CARES Act, a part of which established the Higher Education Emergency Relief fund. This fund provides institutions, like Barclay College, funds to use as emergency financial aid grants to qualified residential students for expenses incurred due to the disruption of campus operations this spring.

Upon signing and returning the Certification and Agreement, Barclay College was awarded $214,618. Of this amount, at least 50% will be distributed directly to qualified residential students.

According to federal regulations, Title IV eligible students, who were enrolled in the residential program as of March 13th, 2020, as a degree seeking student, were eligible to receive a portion of this aid.  All funds will go directly to eligible students. Any debts or fees owed to the College will not be deducted from the emergency grant.

These funds are provided to help students with costs associated with having to relocate following Spring Break, such as food, housing, technology, etc.

To ensure an equitable distribution of these funds and with the reality that all resident students suffered some level of disruption, Barclay College issued $1,070 checks to all eligible full-time resident students.

The college has received an additional $285,382 from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund to help Barclay College with additional expenses related to Covid-19. For additional information on how Barclay College has used these funds, click on the following links.


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