Endowed Scholar Award

Each year students are selected by the faculty in the Arts & Sciences and the Bible & Ministry programs to represent those who have given to this fund. Those who contribute to the Endowed Scholar Program will receive a booklet each year with the chosen student’s picture and story.

To underwrite the Endowed Scholar Program, a gift of $15,000 is required. This amount can be increased yearly upon the request of the donor. The Endowed Scholar Award is granted for one year for every $2,000 contributed.


Names of those currently underwriting the Endowed Scholar Award program are:

  • Albertson Endowment
  • Connor Endowment
  • David and Ruth Smitherman Endowment
  • Eva Ellis Endowment
  • Faye Wheeler Endowment
  • Fred and Esther Johnson Endowment
  • Merle Roe Endowment
  • Robert Storms Endowment
  • Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting Endowment
  • Scott Clark Endowment
  • Stan and Tracy Stark Endowment
  • Zimmerman Endowment

To find out more about the Endowed Scholar Award, please contact Mark Miller by phone (620.862.5252) or email.