3 + 2 Accelerated

Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

Barclay College offers an option for you to earn your Bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Theology degrees within five years, as opposed to six years (the typical run time for a bachelor’s and master’s degree).

You can graduate with your bachelor’s after your fourth year and your master’s in your fifth year. After completing the programs requirements, you can participate in graduation exercises on both occasions.

Live in the Dorm, and Tuition is Free

If you desire, you can stay on campus for your fifth year (fully master’s classes) and receive the Full Tuition scholarship. You can enjoy campus life, spiritual encouragement, and live with your friends. With our Tuition-Free Master’s Degree, you study online, pay for room and board (you can still apply for FAFSA funds), and keep on learning.

Eight Concentrations are Available for the Master of Arts in Theology Degree

You can mix and match any undergraduate program with any of the nine concentrations offered by the School of Graduate Studies.

Interested in 3+2 Program?

We’d love to share more information, including academic majors and financial opportunities.

How to Apply

You may apply for the 3+2 program from your high school senior year through spring of your sophomore year.

  •  You must be accepted as an undergraduate at Barclay College to apply for the 3+2 program.
  • Applicants must maintain a 3.0 GPA minimum.
  • Application forms can be requested from the Director of Graduate Admissions  (if already a Barclay Student.)
  • To find out more about this program, contact graduatestudies@barclaycollege.edu

Graduate School Calendar

Application Deadline December 8
Orientation December 11 January 5
Enrollment Deadline December 22
Classes January 8 May 12
FALL 2024
Application Deadline July 22
Orientation July 8 August 9
Enrollment Deadline August 2
Classes August 12 December 16
Application Deadline December 16
Orientation December 22 January 3
Enrollment Deadline December 23
Classes January 6 May 18

Graduate School Schedule of Courses F23-S24

What can I expect in an online Graduate class?