Head Men's Soccer Coach

Accepting applications through March 6, 2o23.

Job Description

The role of Head Coach is to oversee their respective program and to assist in recruiting athletes. Travel is required within the assigned areas with practicing games, and recruiting. The Head Coach is charged with representing the college professionally in behavior and in attire.

Develop relationships. Establishes a plan for targeting recruitment and retention of students
for the Enrollment Services office. Serves collegially in all areas of management and accountability with
the recruiting team. Visits schools and makes presentations to groups and individuals.


Athletic Director / VP for Student Services
Recruiting Director/VP for Student Services

Coaching Responsibilities

  1. Coaches will enforce the Barclay College handbook and the conduct policy as presented.
  2. Will teach and advocate for respect, responsibility, and humility as core virtues of every athlete.
  3. Recruit and maintain team roster of 25 (minimum) players. Team members selected from the student body will not be considered recruited players, unless approved by the Athletic Director.
  4. Responsible for the daily structure and supervision of practice and the strategies of the game.
  5. Responsible for issuing uniforms and warm-ups to team members at the beginning of the season.
  6. Responsible to do annual inventory of uniforms and all equipment for sport.
  7. Responsible for the equipment used for their sport while in season, keeping the Athletic Director (AD) informed of needs in a timely fashion and submit annual inventory report.
  8. Responsible to keep accurate statistics and provide them to AD, conference, and national association.
  9. Responsible for scheduling vehicle(s) for travel.
  10. Inform AD of who will travel with team through the year.
  11. Provide AD with weekly list of students who will miss classes and the days affected.
  12. Responsible for scheduling meals for trips through food services.
  13. Responsible for filling out purchase requisitions for monetary needs during season such as meals, lodging for tournaments. Subject to approval of Athletic Director.
  14. Responsible for student managers work within the parameters of their job description.
  15. Other duties deemed necessary by Athletic Director
  16. Require meeting with AD before and after season
  17. Work games and events during sport off-season as assigned by AD.
  18. Monitor academic progress of students and their eligibility. Is responsible for grade check scheduling and procedures during the sport season. Coordinate with AD office.
  19. Crates and coordinates academic support for student success. Enlists tutors as needed for specific student challenges and monitors progress throughout the year.

Recruiting Responsibilities

  1. Develop relationships, develop relationships, develop relationships!
  2. Contacts and meets high school counselors and teachers to explain benefits of Barclay College. Develops a strategy of ongoing, consistent, personal communication with schools.
  3. Provides information regarding admissions requirements and program benefits to prospective students and parents via phone, mail, and personal visits; follows up with mail or phone call, as appropriate.
  4. Meets regularly with recruiting team.
  5. Meets recruiting goals for fall (10 students enrolled) and spring (3 students enrolled).
  6. Maintains notes during visits and produces follow-up reports regarding activities, future plans, seniors, and underclassman contacts.
  7. Logs ALL contacts in Populi.
  8. Keeps, communicates, and updates a daily schedule with Director of Recruiting.
  9. Provides campus support during registration week, special campus events, and tours.
  10. Tracks both seniors and underclassmen.
  11. Consistently returning to the same high schools, organizations, and institutions to develop relationships with students and staff.
  12. Creates, Develops and oversees clinics and camps to bring potential students for campus.

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and resume/CV to:
Scott Post
Athletic Director

Psychology and Family Studies Program Chair

Position Summary

The chair of the Psychology and Family Studies program oversees the administration of the
program, advises students majoring in the program, and carries a full teaching load. These
responsibilities are further outlined below.

Teaching and Advising

  • The program chair position is a full-time, 9-month appointment, and the chair is expected to carry
    a teaching load of 12-15 credit hours per semester.
  • The program chair oversees the academic advising of students majoring in Psychology and Family
    Studies. Advisors provide assistance and counsel with educational planning, career choices,
    personal and spiritual issues. Advisors work with the Registrar and faculty to implement
    interventions for those students with academic concerns.
  • The program chair participates in full faculty meetings.


  • The program chair oversees program review, which entails an extensive program self-study every
    five years. (A full program review was last completed in 2019-20.)
  • The program chair participates in departmental meetings, working alongside other departmental
    faculty and with the online Psychology program chair.

Required Qualifications

  • MS in Marriage and Family Therapy (Clinical) or MA in Clinical Psychology
  • The ability to integrate psychology and Christianity
  • Organizational skills to promote collaboration and teamwork with the Psychology Department
  • Knowledge of technology common to teaching in higher education
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Collegial attitude with the ability to effectively lead teams
  • Highest levels of integrity and confidentiality
  • A commitment to the overall mission of Barclay College

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Psychology or related field
  • Higher education teaching experience
  • Clinical experience

Salary Information

  • Depending on experience

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and resume/CV to:
Derek Brown
VP for Academic Services


Barclay College bases its existence in a rich history of Evangelical Friends tradition. Barclay College is an evangelical Friends school which accepts and embraces persons with evangelical Christian beliefs from a variety of denominational backgrounds.”

Barclay College Board of Trustees

May 2006