Students learn how to translate Bible with the Master of Arts in Biblical Translation (MABT) from Barclay College, created in partnership with Wycliffe Associates. They will be prepared to translate Scripture with the most cutting-edge methodology.



In the process of translation, questions arise. Relevant research furthers the development of methodology, programs, and institutional direction that impacts scripture accessibility and engagement.


Missional Projects

As doors open through the local and global church, more opportunities arise to engage other cultures in the vision.



As the value of our work is understood, Evangelical Christian organizations around the world have begun to partner with us in mission.



There are many ways you can support the efforts of Biblical Translation through your gift to the Barclay College Biblical Translation Institute. See the opportunities to support a student, a project, or to give to our general fund.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute of Biblical Translation is to provide resources and support for the development of scripture accessibility and engagement.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Institute of Biblical Translation is for everyone, everywhere to have access to Scripture.