Juniors Global

Juniors Global is an opportunity offered to Barclay College students with a preference given to juniors. Barclay is excited to offer this opportunity yearly to its students at the end of the Spring semester. Trips are led by faculty but will vary yearly in location and mission. Each missions trip will serve to:

  • Broaden student awareness of God’s global presence.
  • Enrich student educational experiences through intercultural interaction.
  • Provide a cross-cultural service opportunity.
  • Fulfill the mission of Barclay College in a global environment.

Barclay College has always been a missions oriented institution actively supporting missions experiences for students to learn and make a difference in the world for Christ. The Juniors Global program helps to facilitate those purposes by providing opportunities for Barclay students to participate in cross-cultural experiences through short-term mission trips during the summer.

Barclay College realizes the great importance of life experience in a global setting, so much so that there is a discount to students who have attended BC for 5 semesters prior to enrolling in the Spring semester Juniors Global class. For qualifying juniors, Barclay College will contribute half of the cost for the trip up to $1500, and the students will be responsible for the remainder of the cost. Your gift will help defray the cost of a life changing experience for our students.

If you would like more information about our Juniors Global program, please contact Anissa Potter, by phone or email.