It is our vision to foster a caring and understanding community that continues to grow together after graduation.

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The Great Commission Showcase

A showcase of Barclay College Missionaries around the world

Annual Alumni Banquet and Reunion

Attend the Alumni Banquet during graduation weekend on campus. The year you graduate, you become a member of the Alumni Association of Barclay College. That year, your ticket is paid for, and you are allowed to purchase tickets for up to two guests to attend the banquet. Watch for a schedule as we get close to the event.

Annual Ladies Auxiliary Auction

An important fund-raiser for the instituiton, the Barclay Sale is one of the busiest times of the year. Don’t miss this opportunity to revisit campus and reunite with old friends.

Annual Alumni Sports

Alumni soccer, volleyball, and basketball usually take place around the Barclay Sale and homecoming weekends. Check the calendar, join our email newsletters, and watch social media for more details.