Barclay College Symposium and Colloquium

Robert Barclay Institute Symposium: Aaron Stokes 3.8.22

Symposium: Kevin Mortimer "The Christian Heart of Quakerism" 11.16.21
Fall Symposium 2020 - The Heart of Friends: Quaker History and Beliefs
Symposium: Virtue and a More Perfect Union - Dr Glenn Leppert 10.24.19
Symposium: The Peace of Christ - Nathan Perrin
Barclay College Symposium Spring 2018 - Chelle Leininger
Fall 2018 Colloquium with Kevin Mortimer - Soteriology and Theosis as Prognosis
Barclay College Symposium Fall 2018 - Dr Dave Williams
Spring 2018 Colloquium with Dr. Glenn Leppert - Something Desperate: the Infamous Order 11
Robert Barclay Institute Symposium: The Gospel of Kashkawa: A Call to Peace with Nate Perrin