Explore our Master of Arts in Theology Degree

The School of Graduate Studies at Barclay College offers you a transformative learning experience through excellence in academics and relevant application to life, service, and leadership today.

We recognize that not everyone is called to serve in the same way, so the Master of Arts in Theology degree program offers an interdisciplinary model of graduate education, featuring a combination of core theology and Bible courses, relevant research and/or field experiences, and eight unique concentrations.

Barclay College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).


Practical Theology

The Practical Theology Concentration (MAPT) offers a personalized interdisciplinary learning experience which prepares students for effective leadership and scholarship in both ministry and non-ministry contexts. The concentration draws its courses from the other concentrations offered in the MA program, allowing the student to tailor their degree to fit their professional needs and goals.

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries Concentration (MAFM) combines biblical theology and practical understanding about families with a strong emphasis on personal growth and reflection. Families, both good and bad, reproduce themselves. Even healthy families have their challenges. This concentration helps leaders discover how personal health can lead to healthy relationships with our spouses, children, and others in our lives.

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries Concentration (MAPM) combines the study of theology and the Bible with proven principles and best practices for effectiveness in pastoral ministry. This concentration will help pastors, church staff members, church planters, and other church leaders to grow personally and maintain their own spiritual vitality, while also leading their congregations to greater health and growth.

Quaker Studies

The Quaker Studies Concentration (MAQS) offers a rich examination of the Quaker (Friends) movement from an evangelical perspective, including its unique history, deep convictions, distinctive practices, and sense of purpose. This concentration is for church leaders, professionals, and anyone who would like to discover more about the Friends Church and its place in our world today.

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Concentration (MASF) recognizes that fulfillment in life and effectiveness in ministry increase as a person is shaped and conformed into the image of Christ. With a distinctive integration of Christian theology, Christian spirituality, and Christian community, any church leader and follower of Christ will be stirred, challenged, and find personal benefit in this concentration.

Transformational Leadership

The Transformational Leadership Concentration (MATL) integrates the best of the scholarly research on leadership theories with a firm biblical and theological foundation for effectiveness. This concentration is ideal for anyone who works with other people in a variety of settings, including corporate, government, non-profit, church ministry, and community organizations.

Missional Multiplication

The Missional Multiplication Concentration (MAMM) prepares men and women to serve the Lord in a variety of ministry settings, both globally and locally. Those who are considering the call of God to serve as cross-cultural missionaries, church planters, pastors, or parachurch leaders will especially benefit from this concentration of study.

Biblical Translation

The Biblical Translation Concentration (MABT), created in partnership with Wycliffe Associates, is designed to train people in the MAST (Mobile Assistance Supporting Translation) methodology of biblical translation.  The concentration also enables students to teach and train the methodology to others, including at international seminaries and schools worldwide.

3+2 Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s

Barclay College offers an option to earn both the Bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Theology degrees within five years, as opposed to six years (the typical run time for a bachelor’s and master’s degree).

Participants can graduate with their bachelor’s after their fourth year and their master’s in their fifth year. After completing the program requirements, they can participate in graduation exercises on both occasions.

Access to LOGOS Bible Software

LOGOS is a robust and versatile Bible software that will prove to be an excellent tool for your academic research, personal Bible study, and professional growth. This software comes at no cost to you, and it belongs to you after you complete your degree.


The School of Graduate Studies offers certificates for those who desire graduate-level study without enrolling in a MA degree program.

Graduate Certificate

Consists of four (4) courses within one concentration. The Graduate Certificate is a post-baccalaureate certificate, offered to those who have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution of higher education. Credits earned in a certificate may be transferred into the MA degree.

Postgraduate Certificate

The MA Postgraduate Certificate consists of four (4) courses within one concentration and is offered to those who have completed a master’s degree at an accredited institution of higher education other than Barclay College. The Postgraduate Certificate exists for those who wish to develop their skill-sets and knowledge beyond their master’s degree.

Advanced Graduate Certificate

Advanced Graduate Certificate consists of two (2) courses within one concentration, offered to those who have completed an MA degree through the School of Graduate Studies (those who have completed an MA degree at another institution should instead apply for the Postgraduate Certificate).

Graduate Fellowship

Those who complete an MA degree and four (4) courses within one concentration at the School of Graduate Studies will be honored with a Graduate Fellowship, in recognition of the length of their study and affiliation with the School of Graduate Studies.

Postgraduate Certificate in Bible & Theology

The Postgraduate Certificate in Bible & Theology requires the four core theology classes: Christian Theology, The History of Christianity, New Testament Hermeneutics, and Old Testament Hermeneutics.