Christian Life, Service, and Leadership.




At Barclay College we praise God for our students who are on a mission to not only gain an education, but to strengthen their Christ-centered, biblically based faith by learning the way of effective Christian living in service and leadership.

Prayer Requests

We are pleased with the students that will be representing Barclay College and our Lord and Savior around the globe this May. Please pray for them by name.

Team Kenya: Lauren Wells, Sean Barber, Corbin Kellum, Kristin Lee, Hannah White, and Jalyn McCarty
Team Cambodia: Emily Entz, Brianna Morin, Kayla Carr, Tiffany Graham, Karina Hooper, Melynda Lujan
Team Greece: Breanna Haack, India Gutshall, Kimberlee Naillieux, Tanner Huck, Matt Jarrell, Benjamin Skinner



  • May 25, 2015

    Executive Council

  • May 27, 2015

    Greece arrive

  • Jun 1, 2015

    BC/MAYM Leadership Institute

  • Jun 22, 2015

    Executive Council

  • Jul 6, 2015

    BC/MAYM Leadership Institute

  • Jul 27, 2015

    Executive Council

  • Aug 3, 2015

    BC/MAYM Leadership Institute