Fall 2020 Reopening FAQ

June 29, 2020

Protecting our Campus and Community

The following checklist will set the stage for a healthy, successful return to campus. 

  • Students arriving on campus will submit a 10-day temperature report upon arrival.
  • Students will be required to limit travel outside of the area for the first two weeks on campus.
  • Resident Assistants (RA’s) will perform daily temperature and symptom checks of students.
  • Masks are required indoors in all public venues and classrooms.
  • Classrooms have been adjusted to accommodate physical distancing.
  • THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC DINING IN THE COLLEGE CAFETERIA UNTIL SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2020. Only students and employees will be allowed in the cafeteria prior to that date.
  • Sunday a.m. worship will be conducted on campus on Sunday, August 16, 23, 30. This will ensure any infection coming to campus is less likely to be spread into the surrounding community.
  • Currently we expect all sports seasons to open. Games have been delayed until after September 7.
  • Have assigned mealtimes to limit numbers in the cafeteria.
  • Other than our kitchen workers, NO ONE is allowed in the kitchen and food service areas.


Student Arrivals

Students arriving on campus will need to follow these guidelines.

  • Wednesday, July 29 — 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
    U.S. students who live in the states identified as high exposure states are required to arrive on campus on or before July 29. Quarantine housing and support will be provided for all U.S. students from high-exposure states for an additional $100 charge to the student’s bill for the two weeks.  U.S. students should contact Ryan Haase, VP for Student Services, to reserve space on campus.
  • Tuesday, July 29
    International Students need to arrive on campus. Quarantine housing and support will be provided for an additional $100 charge to the student’s bill for the two weeks. International students should contact Ryan Haase, VP for Student Services, to reserve space on campus.
  • Sunday, August 9 — Students who are involved in student leadership, volleyball, soccer, and Mary Poppins cast.
  • Tuesday, August 11 — Faculty orientation
  • Thursday, August 13 – New student registration
  • Friday, August 14 — Returning student arrival registration
  • ALL students will be subject to temperature checks upon arrival.

Fall Calendar

  • All students and staff will sign a Social COVID Contract agreeing to follow the college rules and recommendations in regard to COVID-19. Any student unable to comply may be asked to complete the semester remotely.
  • Monday, August 17 — Fall classes will start on their normally
  • Sunday, October 4 — Spring Graduation
  • Tuesday, November 24 — The fall semester will end the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
  • We will not have a Fall Break
  • Conduct finals virtually the week after Thanksgiving.


How will we practice social distancing in the classroom?

College administrators have monitored local and federal health officials’ recommendations on social distancing in the classroom. We have analyzed classroom assignments based on course enrollment and made plans to utilize various learning spaces that will allow us to spread students out, if necessary. Additionally, instructors will be trained on how to engage students without the benefit of traditional engagement strategies that might have students moving around the classroom. We anticipate asking instructors to utilize assigned seating, as well, to aid contact tracing efforts should one of our students test positive.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

To start our semester, masks are required indoors in all public venues and classrooms.


Does Barclay College have medical support available for students?

Yes, Barclay College has been working with Kiowa County and area health and medical professionals since early summer to prepare for any contingency. We will be well prepared for any possibility during the next academic year. Our first goal is the safety of all the BC family.

Will I be tested when I come to campus?

No, Kiowa County health officials do not recommend testing upon arrival on campus for several reasons. First, testing give a snapshot of that moment. Second, testing does not give us information on future infection. Third, sometimes testing can give a false sense of security when individuals need to be vigilant on a daily basis. Testing is readily available through the county if anyone experiences symptoms. Our first goal is the safety of all the BC family.

How will the college handle testing?

Kansas and Kiowa County have a low incidence of COVID-19 cases. County Health officials recommend testing only if symptoms arise. Our first goal is the safety of all the BC family.

What if I or someone else has symptoms?

Students will be given a checklist of symptoms to self-assess each day. If a student reports symptoms they will be immediately tested by the Kiowa County health department. The college is prepared with facilities for quarantine and under the supervision by local medical personnel. Our first goal is the safety of all the BC family.

What if there is an outbreak?

If an infection rate meets the threshold set as to merit an outbreak of the virus the college reserves the right to discontinue campus classes and continue the semester remotely with students dispersed to their hometowns. Our first goal is the safety of all the BC family.

What is the college refund policy?

Should the college’s operations be suspended or mode of operation be changed due to acts of God, force majeure, or government mandate (either legislative or regulatory), the college reserves the right to determine the amount to be refunded, using whatever criteria it deems appropriate, or to refund no amount at all at its sole discretion.

Other Common Questions

For answers to the following questions, ask the Registrar for help.

Click here to email the Registrar.

  • What if I need to change my schedule?
  • What if I need to change my major? add a minor?
  • Who is my advisor?
  • Am I enrolled for all the necessary classes to graduate in December?
  • Who did I request my official transcript be sent to?
  • I have a question about how my transfer credits were assigned.
  • How do I get another copy of my schedule?
  • How do I arrange to take an online class this semester?
  • How do I arrange for enrollment verification for my scholarship?

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