Covid Update

November 13, 2020

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Barclay College
Total Confirmed Cases 1 active & 19 recovered
Hospitalizations 0
# in Quarantine or Isolation 10
Kiowa County
Total Confirmed Cases 100 active & recovered
Hospitalizations 4
Negative Tests 331

Measures Currently in Place

  1. Masks indoors
  2. Spacing in classrooms, masks required
  3. Spacing in dining hall
  4. Daily coordination with county health department
  5. Daily sanitizing public spaces on campus.
  6. maintains quarantine and isolation apartments on campus or students may return home
  7. Faculty actively providing coursework for students in quarantine or isolation.

Policy for Temp and Symptom Checks

Policy for Screening Students

Policy for Screening Employees

Barclay College is a 4-year accredited college in Haviland, Kansas, that offers both campus and online programs with a solid biblical foundation for students with evangelical faith traditions. A Full Tuition Scholarship is given to all dorm residents. A School of Graduate Studies offers a Master of Arts degree in seven ministry concentrations.

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