Concert Choir Tours Kansas, Colorado, and Idaho

October 30, 2021

by Kim Stewart, Director

We were welcomed into churches and host family homes throughout the trip. It was so good to gather and worship with God’s people in Kansas, Colorado, and Idaho. We were blessed by the amazing generosity and delicious food everywhere we went! The students experienced community in new ways as we travelled, sang, and worked together during the week. We volunteered for an organization called St. Vincent de Paul that concentrates on homelessness prevention by providing needed goods and services that allow individuals and families to stay in their homes rather than be forced to live on the streets. We helped paint, clean, and do landscaping work at one of the food pantries they operate in Boise. We also enjoyed an evening meal at the home of the Murrells, the parents of Charity Murrell who travelled with the choir as the Barclay recruiter/representative.

St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho posted on Facebook:
Last week, the Barclay College choir volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho Overland Food Pantry. This group travelled all the way from Haviland, KS, on a choir tour. We were so honored to have this amazing choir stop along their way and volunteer. Thank you to each and every one of you!

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