Full Tuition Scholarships. How I Found One at a Christian College.

February 1, 2021

by Kaleigh Smallbeck

A full tuition scholarship is a great find toward an affordable college degree. Finding scholarships bring down the cost of your education so you can graduate with little to no debt. However, some colleges offer unique scholarships for accepted students. Here is how Barclay College senior Kaleigh Smallbeck (2021, B.A. Bible and Theology) found a full tuition scholarship ended up at Barclay College.

Find a full tuition scholarship

Barclay College senior Kaleigh Smallbeck (right) says the Full Tuition Scholarship is one of the reasons she came to Barclay.

“Originally, I wasn’t planning on going to college. I thought it wasn’t the right fit for me and that it was going to be too expensive. I spent most of my senior year of high school exploring other options.

But God had different plans. After a lot of discussion with my high school counselor and my youth pastor who told me about Barclay College, I decided to take a look at Barclay’s website before giving up on my college search.

Finally, the Right Fit.

I thought Barclay was going to be another dead end. I had no scholarships or any way to pay for even one year of college. But after learning more and more about Barclay, I began to feel like this was really going to be the right fit. And when I heard that their Full Tuition Scholarship was available to all on-campus students, I knew I had to apply. Four years later, I am so thankful I did!

The Full Tuition Scholarship has allowed me to further my education while discovering what God’s plan is for my life. It made my education completely affordable. If it weren’t for Barclay College and their scholarship, I don’t think I would have gone to college at all.”

Many students say that the Full Tuition Scholarship was the reason they came to Barclay College.

Barclay College wants its students to graduate with little to no debt. To keep costs low, our scholarship is offered to all full-time students who live in the dorms. (A full-time student takes 12-18 credits per semester.) Students still pay room and board, and general and technology fees.

No special application or interview.

There is no need to complete an additional application or interview for our scholarship! When you apply to Barclay College’s Haviland campus, your application also counts as your scholarship application. After submitting your application, our Admissions Team contacts you 48 hours after your interview with their decision.

But you might be wondering — how are we able to have a scholarship like this available for all on-campus students? We have generous supporters and donors who fund this program. You receive an excellent Christian education without the weight of a mountain of debt. Our supporters believe in Barclay’s mission and want you to be able to serve and lead in the world with as little school debt as possible.

Our Full Tuition Scholarship is a game changer for all kinds of students! What are you waiting for? Apply to Barclay College to receive a Full Tuition Scholarship today!

Barclay College, in Haviland, KS, provides on-campus and online undergrad programs, and a Master of Arts in Theology online with eight ministry concentrations. Barclay emphasizes a biblical foundation for evangelical faith traditions and offers Full Tuition Scholarships to dorm residents.

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