Find practical solutions for tuition costs for your Graduate Education

It is our commitment to offer an affordable private Christian institution, while delivering the highest level of academic rigor in order to ensure your future success.

Practical solutions

To ensure the highest quality of education at the most affordable price, Barclay College goes to great efforts to provide answers for the financial needs of graduate students. Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Payment Plans are available for students enrolled on a full-time basis in a program leading to a graduate degree.

The application process is outlined below. Please contact us with questions.

How to apply to the Graduate Program

Be sure you have everything you need before you start the application process.

What can I expect in an online Graduate class?

Barclay College practices an interdisciplinary model that features a combination of core Bible and theology courses, but is personalized with eight different concentrations to choose from and relevant research and field experience to meet your professional goals. You’ll be able to complete the program in only 2 years (4 semesters). Our Distance Learning Model offers online and hybrid classes only, so you can fit your education into your busy schedule.

Check out financial aid information

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International Students

The Barclay College Graduate Program accepts the applications of students from a variety of countries and cultures. Those students from outside the United States who wish to study through the online Barclay College Graduate Program should email our graduate admissions team. International students are required to demonstrate proof of ability to finance their college education and English proficiency prior to enrollment at Barclay College.


Tiffany DiBlasi

Graduate Admissions