Randi Shetley, Theatre and Speech Delivered with a Passion!

December 1, 2021

When a student comes to Barclay College to study theatre and speech with Randi Shetley they can expect passion and enthusiasm for the class. Randi is a professor who wants her students to succeed with challenges that will force growth in enjoyable and interactive ways. She uses a variety of teaching styles to suit each student: group projects, collaborative games and activities, lone research, and creative opportunities. She presents a class that is memorable and exciting, yet fully challenges students to push past their comfort zones. When a student completes a course with Randi, they will leave with more confidence in speaking, performing, and communicating in front of others. Randi is a compassionate teacher and director. Care comes through in her program.

When a parent sends their son/daughter to Barclay College to study speech and theatre, they can have the assurance that they will have classes taught in a Biblical viewpoint. Students will be surrounded by faculty and staff who care for the individual. The faculty continues to bring excellence in education, extra-curricular activities, and spiritual formation and will work with students to help them succeed.

Randi and her husband, Shane, are also residential directors in the women’s dorm.

Education: BA in Theatre Arts from Friends University; MA in Theatre from Regent University. Randi taught at Barclay from 2008-2011 and returned in 2018 as Director of our Fine Arts Department.

Family: Spouse-Shane, Children: Tem (26), Alexis (25), Megin (24), Tyson (23), Zion (20)

What former students say about Randi as professor:

Speaking in front of other people is difficult for many people to be comfortable with, myself included. This course was more in my comfort zone than I thought it was going to be. Give it a chance; it’s scary but definitely worth doing.

This class serves as a confidence booster for many people, and is a very agreeable approach to teaching people how to speak in public without causing them too many issues.

I gained self-confidence by performing speeches and tackled important issues.

I was the girl who never talked in the class, but after taking this class I have seen so much positive change in my life and speech.

I now feel confident to read in front of people for the first time in my life, which is great. The power posing changed my life.

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