Kevin Mortimer presents at Fall Symposium Nov. 16

October 30, 2021

Robert Barclay Fall Symposium will be held November 16, 7:00-8:15 in the Ross Ellis Auditorium.
Presenter: Kevin Mortimer, Ph.D. Candidate
Topic: “On The Christian Heart of Quakerism”
Responder: Dr. Jim LeShana
Live Streamed:

Kevin Mortimer, Founder, Robert Barclay Institute

Ph.D. Candidate Kevin Mortimer will present on the theme of “The Christian Heart of Quakerism,” which Mortimer will argue finds its place at the heart of the salvation concept of theosis in the Orthodox East: “Humanity becomes by Grace Indwelling what God is by Nature.” Mortimer is also chair of the B.A. in Missions program and founder of the Robert Barclay Institute.

Mortimer’s argument will be responded to by Dr. Jim LeShana, General Superintendent of Northwest Yearly Meeting.

Convening the gathering will be Dr. Glenn Leppert, recent author of “The Heart of Friends, Quaker History and Beliefs.” An extended time following the presentation will be given for those online and in person to present their questions to presenters Kevin Mortimer, Jim LeShana, and Glenn Leppert.

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