Joshua Bunce, M.Div.

Chair of Bible/Theology

Kim Hansen, M.S.N.

Director of Nursing Education

Tim Hawkins, M.F.A.

Chair English/Literature

Steven King, M.S.

Chair of Science/Mathematics

Chelle Leininger, M.Div.

Chair, Elementary Education

Glenn Leppert, Ph.D.


Larry Lewis, M.S.

Chair, Sports and Recreation Ministry

Kevin Mortimer, M.A.

Chair, Missions

Jesse Penna, M.A.

Chair, Youth Ministry

Jared Ross, D.W.S.

Chair of Worship Arts

Kayleen Stevens, M.B.Ed.

Chair of Business Management Distance Education, Title IX Director

Keith White, Ph.D.

Chair of Psychology & Family Studies

Shelby Williams, M.S.

Chair of Psychology Distance Education

Adjunct Faculty

Alan Amavisca, M.A.

Paul Anderson, Ph.D.

Traci Ballard, B.S.

Bruce Bell, M.A.

Gail Boisseau

Joyce Bryan, M.Ed.

David Byrne, D.Min.

Lisa Christensen

Diego Chuyma, D.Min.

Paul Cochrane, D.Min.

Bill Galipault, D.Min.

Laura Gallagher, M.A.

Elaina Halverstadt, M.A.

Thomas Hancock, Ph.D.

Charity Harvey, M.S.

Greg Hinshaw, Ed.D.

Paul Hoffman, Ph.D.

Marva Hoopes, Ed.D.

Chay Howard, J.D.

Arden Kinser, D.Min.

Lori Larsh, M.A.

Marius Lazau, M.A.

Stan Leach, D.Min.

Jim LeShana, Ph.D.

John Luton, Ph.D.

David Mabry

Steven Mann, Ph.D.

Gloria Marquez

David Phillips, D.Min.

Gene Pickard, D.Miss.

Laurie Reinhart, M.A.

Tim Roehl, D.Min.

Lauren Sill, M.A.

Linda Snyder, M.A.

Ben Staley, D.Min.

Ron Stansell, D.Miss.

Kim Stewart, B.S.

Kay Unruh, M.Ed.

Sheryl White, D.Min.

David Williams, D.Min.

Clifford Winters, Ph.D.

Carol Wright, M.A.

Gary Wright, M.A.

Royce Frazier, Ph.D.


Derek Brown, Ph.D.

VP for Academic Services

Lee Anders, M.B.A.

VP for Business Services, Bieshaar Endowed Chair for Business

Mark Miller, M.M.

VP for Institutional Advancement

Ryan Haase, M.A.

VP for Student Services

Adrian Halverstadt, Ph.D.


Brockie Follette, M.A.

Director of Kaleo Academy, Chaplain

Herb Frazier, D.T.E.A.

President Emeritus

Barry Anders, B.S.

Director of Technology

Joel Halverstadt, A.A.

Director of Operations

Justin Kendall, B.S.

Director of Enrollment Services

Dan Kramer, M.A.

Assoc. V.P., Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives

David Mabry, D.Min.

Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Ginger Maggard, B.S.

Director of Financial Aid

Scott Post

Director of Recruiting

Jeannie Ross, M.L.I.S.

Assoc. V.P. for Academic Success, Director of Library Services

Randi Shetley, M.A.

Director of Fine Arts/Professor

Shane Shetley, B.S.

Director of Athletics

Aaron Stokes, M.A.


Angie Wetmore, M.S.

Dean, School of Distance Learning

Kathy Wiebe, M.A.

Director of Marketing

Ray Anderson

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Jessica Brown

Payroll Specialist

Sarah Cox

Online Recruiting Coordinator

Sarah Easterwood

Director of Food Services

CD Fitch


Deb Folkerts

Welcome Center Receptionist, Institutional Advancement Assistant

Carolyn Frazier

Academic Assistant, Landscaping

Elaina Halverstadt

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Online Student Success Advisor

Ashley Hatton

Women's Volleyball Coach

Tanner Holliday

Head Cook

Tanner Huck

Head Men's Basketball Coach and Recruiter

George Jackson


Michale Johnson

Peer Coach

Steve Larsh

Director of Special Projects

Trent Maggard

Financial Aid Specialist, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Megan Metcalf

Graduate Admissions Counselor

Gayle Mortimer

Accounts Payable & Human Resources

Rachel Mortimer

Editor, Barclay College Publishers

Charity Murrell


Austin Ogle

Men's Soccer Coach, Recruiter

Brandon Palmer

Women's Soccer Coach, Recruiter

Casey Roberts

AV Technical Director

Mallorie Scott

Women's Volleyball Coach

Tyree Singleton

Director of Grounds

Kaleigh Smallbeck

Marketing Assistant

Linda Snyder

Student Counselor

Johnny White

Director of Housekeeping

Brandon Palmer

Men's Resident Director

Ethan Bogan

Resident Assistant

Kaden Huck

Resident Assistant

Jakob O'Brien

Resident Assistant

Dillon Perez

Resident Assistant

Warren Werstler

Resident Assistant

Isaac Wright

Resident Assistant

Randi and Shane Shetley

Women's Resident Directors

Cambrey Ballard

Resident Assistant

Elizabeth Johnson

Resident Assistant

Melissa Massey

Resident Assistant

Audra Meeks

Resident Assistant

Kaden Huck


Alexis Gloude

Vice President

Markeze Collick


Madilyn Reichart


Jakob O'Brien

Senior Representative

Dillon Perez

Junior Representative

Kahrie Stegman

Sophomore Representative

Warren Werstler

Men's Dorm Representative

Mason Farmer

Men's Dorm Representative

Rebecca Hickman

Women's Dorm Representative

Audra Meeks

Women's Dorm Representative

Bryan Camacho

Sports Representative

Cambrey Ballard

Sports Representative

Hunter Fitch

Off-Campus Representative

Sarah Fitch

Off-Campus Representative

Ryan Haase


DeWayne Bryan

Pat Byers

Richard Carlson

Linda Clarkson

Keith Custer

Steve Davis

Caleb Davis

Jim Day, Dr.

Manny Garcia, Dr.

Dave Hickman

Sheila Hinshaw

Gail Hinshaw

Sharon Howard

Chay Howard

Trent Jacks

Dale Johnson

Mark Reich

Terry Semones

Tom Showalter

Rune Skipp

Steve Slack, Dr.

Marion Spatz

Stan Stark

Carolyn Taylor

Roger Thomas, Dr.

Thayne Thompson, Dr.

Keith Whitney

Elisha Wisener