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The School of Graduate Studies at Barclay College offers students a transformative learning experience through excellence in academics and relevant application to life, service, and leadership today. Recognizing that not everyone is called to serve in the same way, the Master of Arts degree program offers an interdisciplinary model of graduate education, featuring a combination of core theology and Bible courses, relevant research and/or field experiences, and seven unique concentrations.


Master of Arts Concentrations

Family Ministries

The Master of Arts in Family Ministries (MAFM) combines Biblical theology and practical understanding about families with a strong emphasis on personal growth and reflection. Families, both good and bad, reproduce themselves. Even healthy families have their challenges. Come join us as we discover how personal health can lead to healthy relationships with our spouses, children, and others in our lives.

Pastoral Ministries

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries (MAPM) combines the study of theology and the Bible with proven principles and best practices for effectiveness in pastoral ministry. This concentration will help pastors, church staff members, church planters, and other church leaders to grow personally and maintain their own spiritual vitality, while also leading their congregations to greater health and growth.

Quaker Studies

The Master of Arts in Quaker Studies (MAQS) offers a rich examination of the Quaker (Friends) movement from an evangelical perspective, including its unique history, deep convictions, distinctive practices, and sense of purpose. This concentration is for church leaders, professionals, and anyone who would like to discover more about the Friends Church and its place in our world today.

Spiritual Formation

The Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation (MASF) recognizes that fulfillment in life and effectiveness in ministry increases as a person is shaped and conformed into the image of Christ. With a distinctive integration of Christian theology, Christian spirituality, and Christian community, any church leader and follower of Christ will be stirred, challenged, and find personal benefit in this concentration.

Transformational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) integrates the best of the scholarly research on leadership theories with a firm Biblical and theological foundation for effectiveness. This concentration is ideal for anyone who works with other people in a variety of settings, including: corporate, government, non-profit, church ministry, and community organizations.

Missional Multiplication

The Master of Arts in Missional Multiplication (MAMM) prepares men and women to serve the Lord in a variety of ministry settings, both globally and locally. Those who are considering the call of God to serve as cross-cultural missionaries, church planters, pastors, or parachurch leaders will especially benefit from this concentration of study.

Sports Outreach

The Master of Arts in Sports Outreach (MASO) is established on Christo-centric theological truths from which biblically-based organizational principles for sports, recreation and fitness ministries are formed, and out of which strategically-relevant and effective methodological evangelistic disciple-making models emerge. MASO students will discover the theological and biblical foundation for the development and implementation of sports outreach ministries in their local churches, communities, and international settings.


Applicants must satisfy the following requirements in order to be accepted into the School of Graduate Studies at Barclay College.

  • Completion of the Barclay College Graduate Application Form
  • Completion of a regionally or nationally accredited bachelor's and/or master's degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Submission of official college transcripts (sealed and unopened copy)
  • Submission of three references: one academic (college instructor), one professional (co-worker or supervisor), and one personal (friend or acquaintance)
  • Submission of a professional resume
  • Submission of a writing sample of 8 to 12 pages in length
  • Interview with the program director
  • International students must submit TOEFL scores (see; a minimum score of 80 iBT is required.
  • For additional information on the Master of Arts programs, contact Shelly Barber.


Financial Assistance

The Barclay College School of Graduate Studies works with each individual student to provide practical solutions for tuition costs. To ensure the highest quality of education at the most affordable price, Barclay College goes to great efforts to provide answers for the financial needs of graduate students.

Competitive and Affordable Barclay College School of Graduate Studies monitors the tuition of graduate programs around the country to ensure its graduate programs are affordable. It is our commitment to our students that we will be an affordable private Christian institution, while delivering the highest level of academic rigor in order to ensure the future success of the student.

Scholarships, Awards, and Payments Plans

Barclay College offers several institutionally-supported programs to assist students with tuition costs. In each case, applicants must be enrolled on a full-time basis in a program leading to a graduate degree. In relation to scholarships and grants, qualified applicants will only receive one institutional award per semester, but it will always be the one that is the largest that they are eligible to receive. Click her to fill out the Graduate Scholarship Application.

Graduate Leadership Scholarship: Any student who applies to the M.A. program (regardless of the concentration) may also apply for the Graduate Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship is for up to $500 per semester. Students only need to apply at the time of their initial enrollment, but this award may be granted each semester for a total potential scholarship amount of $2,000.

Pastors and Missionaries Award: First-Time Student Grant: The PMA is a grant for someone who enters the Barclay College School of Graduate Studies program for the first time and who currently serves in a vocational role as a pastor or missionary. The intent is to enable pastors and missionaries to begin their graduate education with less of a financial burden. Qualified applicants who obtain this award will receive their first graduate class for “free” as well as the entire fees for their first semester of enrollment (a value of approximately $1,500). This award is given on a limited basis, preferentially (but not exclusively) to those from evangelically-minded Friends churches or missionary endeavors. To receive this award, a candidate should submit their application prior to the start of the semester of their intended initial enrollment. (Note: This award would preempt a Barclay College Alumni Award or ABHE Award in a student’s first semester.)

Barclay College Alumni Award: All Bachelor’s degree recipients from Barclay College are qualified to receive the Barclay College Alumni Award that will pay 100% of the tuition for their first three Bible/Theology classes in the MA program! These classes occur one each semester in their first three semesters of enrollment. This award equals ¼ of the entire tuition costs for the Master’s degree. In order to receive this award, a student must complete successfully the entire semester in which they hope to receive the free class.

ABHE Alumni Award: Barclay College is a member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We have developed an articulation agreement with some of those schools who also share our accreditation as candidates or fully-accredited members with ABHE. Among other things, alumni with Bachelor’s degrees from those approved institutions are eligible for the same award that we are offering our own BC alumni: 100% of the tuition for their first three Bible/Theology classes in the MA program (if they successfully complete the entire semester in which they take those Bible/Theology classes). The institutions that are currently a part of this agreement include: New Hope Christian College (Eugene, OR) and Kansas City College and Bible School (Overland Park, KS).

Graduate Payment Plan The Payment Plan is offered to students who need additional assistance with tuition costs. This assistance program is ideally suited for students who currently have a regular income but need help with cash flow. An affordable payment plan with a minimal administrative fee is arranged with each individual student. Contact Ginger Maggard ( for more information.

Evaluation, Selection and Retention: Recipients of any institutional financial assistance (scholarships and/or payment plans) must maintain a full-time student status at BC and a GPA of 3.0. Students will be notified if they will no longer be eligible for their award(s).

Outside Financial Help

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Click here to go to fill out your FAFSA Students interested in financial aid should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine what they are eligible to receive in unsubsidized loans. You can fill out your FAFSA online by clicking the button above. Barclay College school code is 001917.

Scholarship Opportunities

Good Call: List of 900+ MBA and Graduate Scholarships: Top Business Degree Scholarships for College Students:

Some Great Financial Aid Resources on the Web:

Questions? If you have any questions about financial aid or payment plans for our graduate programs, please contact our Director of Financial Aid, Justin Dahmer (


International Students

The Barclay College Graduate Program accepts the applications of students from a variety of countries and cultures. Those students from outside the United States who wish to study through the online Barclay College Graduate Program should complete the application. International students are required to demonstrate proof of ability to finance their college education and English proficiency prior to enrollment at Barclay College.