Projects in Nigeria

Projects like these in Nigeria need funding. Please consider giving to support one of these projects. You can donate and choose a project here. 

As doors open through the local and global church, more opportunities arise to engage other cultures in the vision. Here are current opportunities in Nigeria.

  • Translating the Torah into Yoruba Bible.
  • Translating the Writings in the Old Testament into Yoruba Bible.
  • Translating the Prophetic Books into Yoruba Bible.
  • Translating the New Testament to Abua Dialect and Its Prospect for Church Growth.
  • Translation of New Testament to Ijebu Dialect and Its Prospect for Christian Discipleship.
  • Oral Translation to Igbominu Dialect as a means of reaching out to the People.
  • Translating the Old Testament Pentateuchal Books to Edo Language Bible.
  • Translating the Old Testament to Hyam Language and Its Implication for Biblical Preaching.
  • Translating the New Testament English Bible to Igbo Gateway Bible as a Conduit for further Igbo Translation.
  • Translating the Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN) Materials to Yoruba Language towards Providing Literacy Materials for Facilitators of SUN. More about SUN.

Our students have been involved in these projects.

  • Nigeria has three Bible translations in progress.
  • Nigeria has a literacy program initiated in prisons (from our content).
  • Nigeria has an evangelistic outreach and church training program in progress.
  • Nigeria has four seminaries teaching our content now within their system.
  • We have contact from students in Nigeria reaching out to Ivory Coast to initiate translation.
  • Uganda has completed a New Testament Project.
  • Nigeria has completed a New Testament Project.
  • One of our USA students’ graduate research is being used for grant funding for literacy.
  • All of our research graduates are holding a global webinar sharing research between Nigeria, Uganda, Brazil and the USA.
  • The Nigeria Baptist Convention is potentially adopting the literacy model taught at Barclay (with Our Daily Bread) as a church-wide program.
  • The Christian Social Services Commission of Tanzania has adopted our model of literacy for 1220 schools. 
  • The Africa Inland Church of Tanzania has adopted our literacy program into 120 churches.
  • The Uganda Ministry of Education invited us to speak on behalf of literacy (4 Barclay students were present)

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In partnership with Amaziba Ministries, Uganda and Africa Renewal University, there is a desire to launch and sustain a Biblical translation program through the university that localizes resources for Amaziba to further engage in Bible translation projects.

Literacy Projects

In partnership with Our Daily Bread, supporting the ministry of education in Uganda with devotional literacy materials.

In partnership with Our Daily Bread and Wycliffe Ethiopia, developing an open source children’s Bible for use within the literacy program, but also externally as a self- sustained resource.

In partnership with the Anglican Church of Tanzania and Our Daily Bread, providing the literacy program to a regional set of schools for education, as well as, refugee camps.

Providing support to the translation of literacy materials into other languages.

In partnership with the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, providing online facilitation and materials for literacy of newly immigrating students into Nigeria seeking Christian theology.