Requirements for Submissions
BC Publishers welcomes submissions of books that fit our mission.

At least two finished chapters of the book must be submitted, along with a complete book outline with bullet points of each chapter.

Include the target audience, a paragraph summary of the subject of the book is about, a list of similar books, how the submitted book will be different from others, and a list of marketing ideas the author can complete if the book is published.

Submissions Review Process

All submissions are initially reviewed by one of the Editors. At this stage manuscripts may be rejected without the review of the Acquisitions Committee if it is felt that they are not relevant to the Mission Statement of Barclay College Publisher. This fast rejection process means that authors are given a quick decision and do not need to wait for the review process.

Manuscripts which are not instantly rejected are sent out to the Acquisitions Committee for review. This committee consists of professors and theological experts who are affiliated with Barclay College. Based on the feedback from this committee and the Editors’ judgment, a decision is given on the manuscript.

If rejected, a letter will be delivered to the contact information given by the author. If accepted, the author will receive a Publication Contract Agreement.

Submissions Policies

Publication Ethics
Authors should observe high standards with respect to publication ethics. Falsification or fabrication of data, plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the authors’ own work without proper citation, and misappropriation of the work are all unacceptable practices. Any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously and will lead to disciplinary action and likely the termination of Publication Agreement at any stage.

All authors listed on the manuscript should have contributed significantly to all factors of the manuscript. All authors should have been involved in the writing of the manuscript at draft and any revision stages, and have read and approved the final version. Anyone who made major contributions to the writing of the manuscript should be listed as an author (exceptions may be made for ghost writers). Any other individuals who made less substantive contributions to the writing of the manuscript should be listed in the acknowledgment section. Any change in authorship (including author order) after the initial manuscript submission must be approved by all authors.

By submitting a manuscript to Barclay College Publishers it is understood that it is an original manuscript and an unpublished work that is not under consideration elsewhere. Plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the author’s own work, in whole or in part without proper citation is not tolerated.