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General Studies

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General Studies: [ 63 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
OBI205 Bible Study Methods 3
OCM107 Survey of Ministry 3
OCM322 World Christian Perspectives 3
OCM323 Advanced Spiritual Formation 3
OEN101 College Writing 3
OEN202 Research and Writing 3
OGE103 General Education Elective 3
OHU101 Humanities Elective 1 3
OHU102 Humanities Elective II 3
OMA101 Math Elective 3
ONT102 New Testament Survey 3
ONT241 Synoptic Gospels 3
OOT101 Old Testament Survey 3
OPH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3
OPY103 General Psychology 3
OPY204 Marriage and Family 3
OSC101 Science Elective 3
OSO211 Introduction to Sociology 3
OSP202 Fundamentals of Speech 3
OSS101 Social Science Elective 3
OTH302 Doctrine of Holiness 3

Chair of General Studies

Glenn Leppert

    • Ph.D. Kansas State University
    • M.A. Fort Hays State University
    • M.A.R. Western Evangelical Seminary
    • B.S. Northwest Nazarene University