Bachelor of Science: Business Administration

The Business Administration curriculum builds a general background in business and integrates this with Christian principles. It is designed to equip the student to serve the Lord in business or a business‑related ministry.


Upon completion of the program, the student will meet the objectives of the division of Arts and Sciences, as well as additional objectives particular to this major.

Division Objectives: students shall be able to

1. Articulate why for the Christian, all vocations to which God leads are calls to stewardship and ministry.

2. Explain how a Christian worldview impacts vocational attitudes, ethics, and meaning.

3. Articulate how biblical principles related to one’s chosen field integrate with or critique “secular” knowledge of the same field.

4. Demonstrate the ability to construct a biblically informed approach to their vocational field.

5. Demonstrate competence in their chosen field at a level appropriate for graduates of a baccalaureate program.

Specific Program Objectives: students will be able to

1. Explain the nature, scope, and importance of the business system, and how a business is owned and operated.

2. Apply Biblical ethics and stewardship practices to sound business management principles.

3. Describe the influence of supply and demand, circular flow of income, the business cycle, inflation, interest rates, and taxes on the economy of an area or nation.

4. Describe the basics of business law as it pertains to contracts, sales, employment, risk-bearing, real property, negotiable instruments, and business structure.

5. Outline procedures for establishing and operating a small business, including the development and implementation of a business plan.

6. Demonstrate ability to work with personnel in areas such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training, development, evaluation, and compensation.

7. Describe how managers plan, organize, lead, and control in order to achieve organizational goals.

8. Explain how product development, pricing policies, distribution, and promotion influence the marketing process.

9. Organize and maintain financial records through the accounting cycle for a service or merchandising business.

10. Prepare, analyze, interpret, and make decisions with financial information, including pro-forma statements and operating, capital, and cash budgets.

11. Pursue graduate studies in the business field.

12. Meet the objectives of the Division of Bible and Ministry.

13. Meet the objectives of the Division of General Studies.


I. Division of Bible and Ministry [32 hours]

Division Core

Part I. Bible Concentration:

17 hours


Bible Study Methods

3 hours


New Testament Survey

3 hours


Old Testament Survey

3 hours


Doctrine of Holiness

2 hours


Teachings of Friends

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

NT211 Transformational Life & Leadership of Christ (3 hours)

NT241 Synoptic Gospels (3 hours)

NT362 Acts (3 hours)

NT346 Writings of John (3 hours)

Part II. Foundations for Ministry:

10 hours


Personal Evangelism Seminar

1 hour


Survey of Church Ministry

3 hours


Intercultural Ministry

3 hours


Spiritual Formation I

3 hours

Additional Bible/Theology:

5 hours


Basic Beliefs

2 hours

3 hours chosen from NT or OT electives

3 hours

II. Division of General Studies [47 hours]

Division Core


12 hours

IT 101/02

Introduction to Computer Applications

3 hours


College Writing

3 hours


Research and Writing

3 hours


Fundamentals of Speech

3 hours


6 hours


Introduction to Philosophy

3 hours

LI201/202 Introduction to Literature

3 hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

7 hours


Personal Effectiveness

1 hour


General Psychology

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

SS201 Western Civilization I (3 hours)

SS223 American History I (3 hours)

SO211 Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

Science and Mathematics:

6 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

MA103 Mathematical Concepts (3 hours)

MA108 College Algebra (3 hours)

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

Any Science Elective

Additional General Studies Requirements:

9 hours


Marriage and Family

3 hours

3 hours chosen from literature (LI) courses

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

MI223 Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)

PY322 Social Psychology (3 hours)

SS202 Western Civilization II (3 hours)

SS214 American History II (3 hours)

General Studies Electives:

7 hours

7 hours chosen from General Studies curriculum

7 hours

III. Division of Arts and Sciences [42 hours]

Professional Ministry Courses

42 hours


Introduction to Business

3 hours


Accounting I

3 hours


Accounting II

3 hours


Fundamentals of Economics

3 hours


Principles of Management/Organization

3 hours


Small Business Management

3 hours


Business Law

3 hours


Principles of Marketing

3 hours


Business Practicum

3 hours


Business Finance

3 hours



3 hours

9 hours chosen from Professional Ministry electives:

9 hours

BA234 Introduction to Investments (3 hours)

BA466 Income Tax Accounting (3 hours)

BA499 Directed Research (3 hours)

CM322 Human Resource Development (3 hours)

CM305 Ministry Leadership (3 hours)

CM306 Ministry Management (3 hours)

IV. Free Electives [7 hours]

7 hours chosen from classes in any division

7 hours

128 total