Bachelor's Degree in

Youth Ministry

Statistics indicate that the average age at which people accept Christ as their Savior is sixteen. Youth Ministry graduates will be prepared to minister to adolescents at this critical life stage when the possibilities for evangelism and discipleship are so great. The Youth Ministry major is designed to give students the skills necessary for effective ministry to youth as well as an understanding of the broader context of youth ministry within the Church and the Christian family.

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Youth Ministry: Core Courses [ 42 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
CM225 Ecclesiology 3
CM307 Ministry Leadership and Administration 3
CM402 Senior Forum (1) 1
ED312 Effective Bible Teaching in Children's Ministry 3
PM313 Homiletics I 3
PM412 Counseling for Christian Leaders 3
PY224 Developmental Psychology 3
PY242 Interpersonal Relations 3
SL202 Spiritual Formation II 3
YM101 Introduction to YM 3
YM104 Youth Culture and Trends 3
YM2122 Communication Strategies 2
YM301 Youth Ministry Programming 3
YM302 Camp Programming 3
YM403 Youth Ministry Internship 3

Youth Ministry: Bible Courses [ 39 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
BI205 Bible Study Methods 3
BI300 Bible Elective (OT or NT) 3
BI306 Hermeneutics (Prin of Biblical Inter) 3
CM104 Personal Evangelism Seminar (1) 1
MI2083 Intercultural Ministry 3
NT102 New Testament Survey 3
NT200 Gospels or Acts (Elective) 3
OT101 Old Testament Survey 3
OT300 Old Testament Elective 3
SL101 Spiritual Formation I 3
TH105 Basic Beliefs (2) 2
TH300 Teachings of Friends 3
TH302 Doctrine of Holiness (2) 2
TH304 Apologetics (2) 2
WA101 Introduction to Worship (2) 2

Youth Ministry: General Courses [ 46 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
EN100 College Writing 3
EN200 Research and Writing 3
IT100 Intro to Computer Applications 3
LI101 Literature Elective 3
LI200 Introduction to Literature 3
MA100 Math Elective 3
PH100 Critical Thinking (2) 2
PH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PY100 General Psychology 3
SC1004 Science Elective w/Lab (4) 4
SP200 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SS200 Social Science Elective (a) 3
SS300 Social Science Elective (b) 3
UE1016 Unrestricted Elective (a) 6
UE1011 Unrestricted Elective (b) 1