Bachelor's Degree in

Worship Arts

The Worship Arts degree at Barclay College is designed to equip students with a solid biblical, theological, and historical foundation for servant leadership and worship leading within the local church. The program challenges students to think about worship from a biblical, theological, historical, and contextual perspective as well as to acquire the necessary musical and leadership skills to be effective worship pastors.

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Worship Arts: Core Courses [ 49 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
CM225 Ecclesiology 3
CM402 Senior Forum (1) 1
MU101 Applied Music 2
MU103 Applied Music: Piano 3
MU406 Choir 8
MU204 Applied Music: Voice 2
PM412 Counseling for Christian Leaders 3
WA201 Music Theory I 3
WA202 Music Theory II 3
WA211 History of Christian Worship 3
WA212 Strategies for Worship Leaders 3
WA321 Theology of Worship 3
WA323 Survey of Congregational Song 3
WA324 The Arts in Christian Worship 3
WA422 Conducting 3
WA490 Worship Arts Internship (2) 2
WA499 Senior Project (1) 1

Worship Arts: Bible Courses [ 36 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
BI205 Bible Study Methods 3
BI306 Hermeneutics (Prin of Biblical Inter) 3
CM104 Personal Evangelism Seminar (1) 1
MI2083 Intercultural Ministry 3
NT102 New Testament Survey 3
NT200 Gospels or Acts (Elective) 3
OT100 Old Testament Elective 3
OT101 Old Testament Survey 3
SL101 Spiritual Formation I 3
TH105 Basic Beliefs (2) 2
TH300 Teachings of Friends 3
TH302 Doctrine of Holiness (2) 2
TH304 Apologetics (2) 2
WA101 Introduction to Worship (2) 2

Worship Arts: General Courses [ 42 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
EN100 College Writing 3
EN200 Research and Writing 3
IT100 Intro to Computer Applications 3
LI101 Literature Elective 3
LI200 Introduction to Literature 3
MA100 Math Elective 3
PH100 Critical Thinking (2) 2
PH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PY100 General Psychology 3
SC1004 Science Elective w/ Lab (4) 4
SP200 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SS200 Social Science Elective 3
WA214 History of Western Music 3
WA219 Sound and Media for the Church (2) 2
UE1011 Unrestricted Elective 1