Bachelor's Degree in

Sports and Recreation Ministry

The Sports and Recreation Ministry degree prepares the student to be an effective leader in the fields of sports ministry, recreation, and camping. Students are required to study in a variety of areas: the biological and social sciences, sports and recreation, health content, experiential education, developmental theory, and Christian ministry practices. The curriculum includes both content and process-oriented courses and emphasizes service-learning and field experience. All facets are integrated with Christian principles.

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Sports and Recreation Ministry: Core Courses [ 40 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
CM225 Ecclesiology 3
CM307 Ministry Leadership and Administration 3
CM401 Conflict Management 3
SR107 Intro to Sports & Recreation Ministry 3
SR204 Recreational Leadership 3
SR302 Philosophy of Coaching 3
SR311 Adventure Education 3
SR314 Sports Outreach 3
SR322 Lifetime Wellness 3
SR402 SR Senior Forum (1) 1
SR409 SR Internship 3
SR427 Character Dev. Thru Sports/Recreation 3
YM104 Youth Culture and Trends 3
YM302 Camp Programming 3

Sports and Recreation Ministry: Bible Courses [ 40 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
BI205 Bible Study Methods 3
BI300 Bible Elective (OT or NT) 3
BI301 Bible Elective II 3
CM104 Personal Evangelism Seminar (1) 1
MI2083 Intercultural Ministry 3
NT102 New Testament Survey 3
NT200 Gospels or Acts (Elective) 3
OT100 Old Testament Eelctive 3
OT101 Old Testament Survey 3
SL101 Spiritual Formation I 3
TH105 Basic Beliefs (2) 2
TH300 Teachings of Friends 3
TH302 Doctrine of Holiness (2) 2
TH304 Apologetics 3
WA101 Introduction to Worship (2) 2

Sports and Recreation Ministry: General Courses [ 51 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
EN100 College Writing 3
EN200 Research and Writing 3
IT100 Intro to Computer Applications 3
LI101 Literature Elective 3
LI200 Introduction to Literature 3
MA100 Math Elective 3
NS206 Anatomy and Physiology 3
NS206L A&P Lab (2) 2
PE200-1 PE Elective 1 1
PE200-2 PE Elective 2 1
PH100 Critical Thinking (2) 2
PH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PY100 General Psychology 3
PY224 Developmental Psychology 3
SO221 Introduction to Sociology 3
SP200 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SR102 Lifetime Indoor Fitness 1
SR103 Lifetime Outdoor Fitness 1
SR216 Elements of Athletic Training 3
UE1011 Unrestricted Elective (1) 1
UE1013 Unrestricted Electives (3) 3

Chair of Sports and Recreation Ministry

Larry Lewis

    • M.S. Wichita State University
    • B.S. Friends University
    • B.S. Fort Wayne Bible College