Associate's Degree in

General Studies

The purpose of the Division of General Studies is to equip students with an essential foundation in general knowledge that all college graduates may be expected to know. This equipping not only provides the required knowledge base, but also prepares students for further study, gives them the ability to relate to others on a variety of topics, and provides insight into how people think and feel. Such awareness increases students’ ability to communicate across cultural boundaries and effectively operate in and minister to contemporary society.

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General Studies Courses: Bible Courses [ 21 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
BI205 Bible Study Methods 3
CM104 Personal Evangelism Seminar (1) 1
MI2083 Intercultural Ministry 3
NT102 New Testament Survey 3
NT200 Gospel or Acts (Elective) 3
OT101 Old Testament Survey 3
SL101 Spiritual Formation I 3
WA101 Introduction to Worship (2) 2

General Studies Courses: General Courses [ 39 Credit Hours ]

Course Number Course Name Credits
EN100 College Writing 3
EN200 Research and Writing 3
IT100 Intro to Computer Applications 3
LI101 Literature Elective 3
LI200 Introduction to Literature 3
MA100 Math Elective 3
PH100 Critical Thinking (2) 2
PH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PY100 General Psychology 3
SP200 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SS200 Social Science Elective (a) 3
SS300 Social Science Elective (b) 3
UE1011 Unrestricted Elective (a) 1
UE1013 Unrestricted Elective (b) 3

Chair of General Studies

Tim Hawkins

    • M.F.A. University of Alaska Anchorage
    • M.A. Kansas State University
    • B.S. Central Christian College of McPherson