2018 Kaleo Academy Lent Devotional


Kaleo Academy Resources

Theology Camp takes place at Barclay College, Haviland, KS from June 17 – June 23. Students should plan to arrive by 7pm on Sunday June 25 and our programming will finish around Noon on June 23. Each day will consist of Worship, Learning, and Large & Small group activities.
Fundraising Ideas (Google them!):
  • Rent-A-Kid
  • Yard/Bake Sale
  • Local Restaurant Take Over
  • American Idol style talent show
  • Special Dinner/Live Auction
  • Holiday Themed Service (Christmas gift wrapping, Valentine’s Day babysitting, Thanksgiving pie sale)
  • Yard Toilet Challenge
  • Car Wash
  • Kidnap the Pastor/Youth Pastor/Principal/Your Mom
  • Cow Pie Bingo
  • Kickstarter/GoFundMe page
  • Rock-a-thon

    Clearness Committee Resources
    The student and a Pastoral leader can call a meeting of key stakeholders and pray-ers from your Church.

    We suggest you invite:
  • people who know the student and are willing to pray
  • people who have a vision for developing leaders in your Church
  • people who help make the financial decisions for your Church 
  • Use this meeting as an opportunity to pray about how God is calling both the student and your Church to contribute financially toward the student’s Kaleo Academy fees.

    Here’s a suggested agenda for your meeting:
    1. Welcome and Instructions
    2. Opening Prayer/Silence Time
    3. Scripture Reflection
    4. Discussion
    a. Student shares ideas, concerns and hopes
    b. Others share ideas, concerns, and hopes
    5. Recap ideas and make a plan.
    6. Close with prayer

    Payment Plan Ideas
    FYI: $60/month = Four Starbucks Coffees + Three McDonalds Meals + Two Movie Tickets
    January 1st 2017 $100 deposit = (Church $50 & Student $50)
    February 1st 2017 $120 = (Church $60 & Student $60)
    March 1st 2017 $120 = (Church $60 & Student $60)
    April 1st 2017 $120 = (Church $60 & Student $60)
    May 1st 2017 $120 = (Church $60 & Student $60)
    June 1st 2017 $115 = (Church $57.50 & Student $57.50)

    March 1st 2017 $100 deposit = (Church $50 & Student $50)
    April 1st 2017 $200 = (Church $100 & Student $100)
    May 1st 2017 $200 = (Church $100 & Student $100)
    June 1st 2017 $195 = (Church $97.50 & Student $97.50)
  • Student Covenant

  • I agree to participate fully in all activities of Kaleo Academy and understand that there are expectations and requirements of me as a young leader in this program.
  • I will be respectful of all staff, adult leaders, peers and property while apart of Kaleo Academy.
  • I understand that as a participant in this program I will follow directions and never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I will not bring any drugs, illegal substances, weapons, cigarettes or pornography to Theology Camp at Barclay College or to any event associated with this program.
  • I will not threaten anyone, act violently or inappropriately or use profane language. I will act in a Christlike manner at all times.
  • I agree to attend Theology Camp at Barclay College in Haviland, KS the week of June 25-30, 2017 and am responsible for my own transportation to and from Barclay College.
  • I agree to meet regularly with my chosen Mentor and communicate often with the Pastoral Leadership of my faith community.
  • I agree to participate fully in the Online Learning Program and develop my Released Project with help from my Mentor and the Pastoral Leadership of my faith community.
  • I will complete my time in Kaleo Academy with a final presentation about my Released Project.

    I am compatible with and respectful towards the evangelical Christ-centered beliefs of the evangelical Friends Church and Barclay College.
    Please refer to http://www.barclaycollege.edu/about/faith/.
    If I violate this covenant, I understand that my parents/guardians will be contacted and I will be asked to leave the program at my own expense with no refund of fees.

    Workload Expectations
    Following Theology Camp there will be about 4 online “assignments” per month. These “assignments” could be academic in nature or more practical/relational. Students can prioritize their time during month depending on their schedule. It is expected that the student will put in at least 50 hours towards their Released Project during the 10 months of Kaleo Academy.