Give to the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry

FINE ARTS in a biblical setting

The construction of The Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry is complete and we started using this building for classes and chapels in January of 2018. This is the largest building project in the history of Barclay College, and we anticipate being able to offer world class fine art events in a midwest college setting. The Ross-Ellis Center is the hub of our Worship Arts program and prepares students for an understanding of worship and ministry.

The building is approximately 26,000 square feet, with the main auditorium seating 580 people. Other rooms include a recital hall seating 125 people, a rehearsal hall seating 70-80 people and two classrooms with movable walls seating 60 students each. Aside from the larger rooms, there are four practice rooms, a piano lab, vocal lab, dressing rooms and offices.

There is not another area of ministry in the rich history of Friends Bible College and now Barclay College that has so broadly impacted the lives of students and constituents than that of ministry through music. The Ross-Ellis Center is seeing daily use from a large part of the campus population. Our first musical in The Ross-Ellis Center, “Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”, was a huge success with three performances of over 1,500 people in attendance.

$8,500,000 was raised through pledges and donations to complete construction. The sound system, estimated at $300,000 is the only remaining expense to finish this wonderful addition to the college campus. The musical note to the right shows the amount needed to finish the sound system. There are also two naming opportunities that may interest you in helping us finish the sound system in the Ross- Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry. We are selling the remaining 350 auditorium seats for a gift of $2,500 each. We also have a brick patio area across from the main entrance, and we are selling brick pavers for $250 each. Both the seats and bricks can have your name, family members, or other special recognitions placed on them. Click here to buy a chair or brick.