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Fine Art in a biblical setting.

As God stirs your heart, Barclay College would be honored to have you participate with us in creating a performing arts facility that will endure and provide a setting for achievement and transformation for generations to come. This is the largest building project in the history of Barclay College, and we anticipate being able to offer world class fine art events in a midwest college setting.

We welcome gifts of any amount and if you would like to know more about this project, please contact Larry Lewis by phone (620.862.5252) or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What will the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry be used for?

A. The Ross-Ellis Center will see daily use from a large part of the campus population. Most students will attend classes in the facility as well as attending our weekly chapels. Theater and music productions will be hosted within the center for the community and area including the biannual Christmas Pageant that attracts over 1200 attenders. In addition, student recitals and community events will be hosted in the Ross-Ellis Center. The Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry will also become the hub of our Worship Arts program and prepare all students for an understanding of worship and ministry.

Q Why is the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry important to Barclay College?

A. The response is simple. There is not another area of ministry from the Barclay College that has so broadly impacted the lives of students and constituents as the ministry of worship through music from Friends Bible College and now Barclay College. Barclay College, from its inception, has viewed worship through the arts as a vital part of the human worship experience. We still celebrate the Roy Clark choirs, the unique groups from A.J. Ellis, to Frank Fortunato to Maury Macy to Del Huff, to Brenda Choate, and the exceptional years of ministry leadership from Bob and Marilyn Ham, just to name a few key individuals who have guided the college and its students through different eras of the fine arts and inspired us in worship. It’s time to construct a facility that celebrates, cultivates, and enhances this legacy.

Q How big is the Ross-Ellis Center?

A. The building will occupy approximately 26,800 square feet on the former West Hall site.

Q How many people will the auditorium seat? What about the recital hall and rehearsal hall?

A. The main auditorium will have 580 individual seats. The recital hall will seat 125 people and the rehearsal hall will seat 70 – 80 people. Between the rehearsal and the recital hall there will be movable, soundproof walls that will allow the lobby to be configured into two classrooms for approximately 60 students each or opened for larger activities and events. Barclay College will have the capacity to host multiple events at the same time making the Ross-Ellis Center a versatile facility for the campus.

Q It's great to see plenty of seating for events, but what other ways will the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry help in the expansion of Barclay College?

A. Aside from the auditorium, recital hall, rehearsal hall, and classrooms, the Ross-Ellis Center holds private practice rooms, a piano lab, a vocal lab, and two large dressing rooms as well as offices. There is a full lighting mezzanine with spotlight balconies. It has a large receiving area at the back of the auditorium for loading and unloading into the staging area or the main auditorium, which also includes an area for building props for drama productions. With many overflowing classes leading to complex schedule conflicts, new classrooms means more scheduling flexibility. It will also allow the college to consider additional degree programs.

Q What is the timeline of events for the completion of the fundraising campaign, groundbreaking, and completion of construction?

A. We were blessed to received a vote of confidence when the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, approved Barclay College to receive a challenge grant of $750,000 on October 13, 2015. To receive these funds, we must raise the remaining $3,150,000 by October 13, 2016. Once fundraising is complete, we anticipate groundbreaking for the Ross-Ellis Center in October of 2016, and completion of the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry on October of 2017, to coincide with our Centennial Year Anniversary celebration.

Q What opportunities do I have to personalize my donation?

A. For abundant gifts, we are pleased to recognize donors through the 17 naming opportunities in the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry. Naming opportunities range from $50,000 to $1,500,000. In addition we are selling the 580 auditorium chairs. Individual chairs can be named for a gift to the project of $2,500 per chair, Names will be permanently placed on each chair to recognize the donor, family members, or other special recognitions. Click here to buy a chair.