Every Dime Campaign

Since 2006, Barclay College has given a full tuition scholarship to every campus student. The full-tuition scholarship has helped to grow the college by over 200% since its creation. Each year the college gives over $1.5 million in full-tuition scholarships. Often parents ask, “What’s the catch.” They find it hard to believe that there is no catch. It is the commitment of the college and our supports that students should not graduate from college and carry large debt load into their future that might prevent them for following God’s call.

But the full-tuition scholarship program is far more than a recruiting strategy. Over half of the bachelor’s degrees at Barclay College are ministry degrees; Pastoral ministries, Youth Ministries, Missions, Worship Arts, Sports and Recreation Leadership Ministry, and Bible/ Theology. Without the full tuition scholarship, heavy debt loads would require students to secure higher paying jobs upon graduation rather than ministry or missionary positions that often provide lower incomes for students. Even our majors in business, psychology, and elementary education often find themselves in faith-based organizations where salaries are below secular peer organizations.

Barclay College is committed to preparing students to effective Christian life, service, and leadership. The leadership of the college is deeply and passionately committed to this mission as well. Would you join us in sending working to the harvest? Every dime you send to Barclay College goes to support those future workers. Every dime! It’s an eternal investment.

We welcome gifts of any amount and if you would like to know more about this project, please contact Larry Lewis by phone (620.862.5252) or email.