The online degree program is ideal for working adults who have never been to college or have college credits but have never finished. Depending upon your transferable credit hours you could complete a bachelor's degree in as little as 18-20 months. Our Online Degrees can help you respond to God's call in your ministry and your workplace. Redeem your dream of completing a college degree by pursuing online education through Barclay College. Multiple start dates available.

Notice for applicants from outside the State of Kansas

The United States Department of Education regulation 34 C.F.R. §600.9(c) requires that institutions meet any state requirements to legally offer postsecondary distance or correspondence education in states where they are not physically located. The authorization requirements, as well as application processes, vary significantly from state to state. Admission of applicants residing outside the state of Kansas to an online degree or certificate program or individual online course offered by Barclay College is dependent upon BC’s ability to secure such authorization from the applicant's state of residence. In order to comply with these standards and fulfill Barclay College’s mission of preparing students in as many locations as possible, BC joined SARA in 2016. The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement streamlines the authorization process for institutions and centralizes the information and contacts for students. Under SARA, BC is authorized to offer distance education in every state except California (authorization has been obtained separately) and Massachusetts. Any questions regarding state authorization should be sent to the Director of Distance Education.

Contact Information for Filing Complaints

All state authorization complaints are to be made initially to the Barclay College VP of Academics, who can be reached at (800) 862-0226 during normal business hours or anytime via email. Issues not resolved at the institutional level may be directed to the home state SARA portal agency of the institution against which the complaint has been logged. For institutions based in Kansas, the portal agency is the Kansas Board of Regents. Students with issues regarding approved Kansas institutions are to follow the complaint procedure as outlined.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We offer a $600 scholarship each semester to undergraduate online students who are enrolled full-time. See the Costs tab. In order to be enrolled full time a student would start in June for the Fall semester, or mid-December for the Spring semester. While Barclay College is able to offer a full-tuition scholarship to on-campus students, we charge tuition for our online classes.

Are online students eligible for financial aid?

Yes! Fill out the FAFSA. If you are enrolled in at least six credits (typically two classes) per semester and you are seeking a degree, you may receive federal financial aid in the form of grants or federal loans.

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Yes. A student must successfully complete at least one semester of classes before they can request approval to take two classes during any one session.

What do I have to do to enroll?

Apply! Our application is free and simple. Apply today so we can help you with your academic goals! In addition, the admissions staff will need references and transcripts to complete your file. Please see the Requirements tab.

I graduated from high school or took college classes a long time ago, do you still need my transcript?

Yes, we must have your transcripts from each college you earned credit or (if you have never attended college) we need your high school transcript. Even if you earned college credit many years ago, the credits may still transfer and that saves you money and time! Transcripts must be official and be sent directly from your school(s).


Applicants for the Barclay Online program must meet the following requirements:

Prior completion of approximately 50-60 semester credits from an accredited college/ post secondary institution: only courses which carry a grade of "C" or better will be accepted for transfer. Cumulative college GPA of 2.0. Completion of the Barclay Online application form. Submission of an official high school transcript or GED certificate. Submission of official transcripts from all colleges/post secondary institutions previously attended. Submission of two satisfactory personal references (one work related, e.g. a supervisor; and one personal, e.g. an educator, minister, civic organization or community leader). Note: Interested students who do not meet all of the normal requirements for admission may be admitted on a provisional basis at the discretion of the college.

Transfer Credits

In the acceptance of transfer credits the college will be guided by the prescribed policy of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Credits are accepted for relevant subjects from accredited members of ABHE and from other schools accredited by recognized regional, national, and professional agencies on the basis of the equivalency for work of a C grade or higher. Credits from non-accredited, non‑member schools are accepted only on the basis of sound validation. Final validation of transcripts of transfer students from non‑accredited schools will be withheld until satisfactory completion of approximately 30 semester hours at Barclay College. Only credits are transferred in so that the grade of the transferred class does not count toward the cumulative GPA.


The costs at Barclay College are much less than similar private Christian colleges. In addition, students are eligible for financial aid. Students find that Barclay's outstanding quality and reasonable costs add up to a great education value. Tuition and fee schedules may be adjusted from year to year as necessary. All existing bills from any current semester must be paid in full by the end of that semester, before a student can register for the next semester.

Online Program Costs

Description Cost
Course tuition (per credit hour) $395
Technology Fee (per credit hour) $25
Estimated Total Program Tuition (per year) $10,080
Scholarship -$1,200
Estimated Cost After Grants and Scholarships $8,880
Cost of books is not included in course tuition. Specific details regarding materials and coursework are provided at time of registration. Questions can be directed to admissions advisors at 1-800-862-0226.