Bachelor of Arts: Pastoral Ministry

God has chosen to do His work through the local church. The major in Pastoral Ministry is designed for the student who is called to local church ministry and leadership. A student who has completed the program will demonstrate the basic qualifications for serving as pastor of a local church and the foundation for a lifetime of developing ministerial skills.


Students who complete the Pastoral Ministry curriculum will meet the objectives of the Division of Bible and Ministry, as well as the following objectives specific to this major.

Division Objectives: students will

1. Understand the need for, meaning, and practice of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bible and essential Christian doctrine, the ability to accurately interpret Scripture, and an increasingly coherent Christian worldview that enables them to apply biblical principles to questions of ethics, compassion, and all other life situations.

3. Exhibit a lifestyle that is characterized by simplicity, integrity, responsibility, and order which reflects concern for the social implications of the gospel and lends credibility to a Christian testimony.

4. Demonstrate the basic knowledge and ability required to minister to others in their own cultural group and across cultural boundaries, utilizing appropriate technology and relevant forms of both written and verbal communication.

5. Demonstrate perseverance and commitment, and the ability to work productively both independently and in teams.

6. Develop the skills and understanding necessary for personal Bible-study, prayer, and devotional life which can sustain and empower one’s personal life and ministry to others.

7. Demonstrate the ability to find, process, and apply information that is relevant to one’s Christian life and ministry through the exercise of both critical and creative thinking.

Specific Program Objectives: students will

1. Understand their personal call into ministry, and explain the biblical purpose of the local church and the role of the pastor within the local church.

2. Use lessons from church history and current methods of pastoral ministry to develop a sound philosophy of local church ministry.

3. Develop an understanding of how one discerns God’s vision for the future for a local congregation, how that vision is communicated, and how to mobilize the congregation for implementing activities by which the vision may be realized.

4. Accurately interpret scripture, using sound methodology and a familiarity with New Testament Greek.

5. Craft and deliver sermons which help listeners apply biblical principles to the problems and possibilities they face in the twenty‑first century.

6. Conduct specialized worship ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, dedications, baptisms and communion.

7. Meet the objectives of the Division of General Studies


I. Division of Bible and Ministry [83 hours]

Division Core

Part I. Bible Concentration:

17 hours


Bible Study Methods

3 hours


New Testament Survey

3 hours


Old Testament Survey

3 hours


Doctrine of Holiness

2 hours


Teachings of Friends

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

NT211 Transformational Life & Leadership of Christ (3 hours)

NT241 Synoptic Gospels (3 hours)

NT362 Acts (3 hours)

NT346 Writings of John (3 hours)

Part II. Foundations for Ministry:

10 hours


Personal Evangelism Seminar

1 hour


Survey of Church Ministry

3 hours


Intercultural Ministry

3 hours


Spiritual Formation I

3 hours

Additional Bible/Theology:

20 hours



3 hours

NT 313

New Testament Greek III

3 hours

NT 314

New Testament Greek IV

3 hours



2 hours

TH 341

Systematic Theology I

3 hours

TH 342

Systematic Theology II

3 hours

3 hours chosen from NT or OT electives

3 hours

Professional Ministry Courses

36 hours


Biblical and Historical Models of Ministry

3 hours


Ministry Leadership

3 hours


Ministry Management

3 hours


Church History

3 hours


Introduction to Pastoral Ministry

3 hours


Homiletics I

3 hours


Homiletics II

2 hours


Pastoral Ministry Practicum

3 hours


Counseling for Christian Leaders

3 hours


Church Growth and Development

3 hours


Ministry Seminar: Initial Priorities

1 hour


Interpersonal Relationships

3 hours


Spiritual Formation II

3 hours

II. Division of General Studies [45 hours]

Division Core


12 hours

IT 101/02

Introduction to Computer Applications

3 hours


College Writing

3 hours


Research and Writing

3 hours


Fundamentals of Speech

3 hours


6 hours


Introduction to Philosophy

3 hours

LI201/202 Introduction to Literature

3 hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

7 hours


Personal Effectiveness

1 hour


General Psychology

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

SS201 Western Civilization I (3 hours)

SS213 American History I (3 hours)

SO211 Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

Science and Mathematics:

6 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

MA103 Mathematical Concepts (3 hours)

MA108 College Algebra (3 hours)

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

Any Science Elective

Additional General Studies Requirements:

14 hours

Any General Education Elective

1 hour


Using NT Greek I

2 hours


Using NT Greek II

2 hours


Marriage and Family

3 hours

3 hours chosen from literature (LI) courses

3 hours

3 hours chosen from:

3 hours

MI223 Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)

PY322 Social Psychology (3 hours)

SS202 Western Civilization II (3 hours)

SS214 American History II (3 hours)

128 hours total