Bachelor of Science: Elementary Education K-6

Leading to licensure with Kansas State Department of Education & Association of Christian Schools International

Barclay College’s Teacher Education program:

  • Develops leaders of integrity and high moral character, to be strong role models for all children, in one of the most rewarding and exciting mission fields of today.
  • Embeds best practices in teacher education to include hands-on application, pre-service application, and reflective supervision for teacher education candidates.
  • Utilizes professional knowledge, strategies, and techniques of the profession within the daily environment so that, as educational leaders create safe and caring environments.
  • Ensures that high expectations and pursuit of personal best are required of teacher education candidates.
  • Empowering core Christ-centered values, ethics, and spiritual development.
  • Equips candidates with real-life application through field experiences and the professional knowledge necessary to become exceptional teachers of high moral character in order to “transform leaders of tomorrow in today’s classrooms.”

Barclay College’s Accredited Teacher Education Program

  • Ensures a double major in Bible and Elementary Education K-6
  • Leads to KSDE Licensure in Elementary Education K-6
  • Enriches lives through an ACSI endorsement for teaching in an accredited ACSI school in the U.S. and abroad
  • Prepares candidates through admission policies, assessments, dispositions, and course requirements for KSDE licensure and/or ACSI Certification for this program of study.
  • Assists candidates in preparing for licensure and placement in a public or private Christian school classroom in kindergarten to sixth grade.

Education Courses Embed

  • Biblical insights into education
  • Early field experiences in great rural school districts
  • Hands on application of skills and strategies
  • Technology for the 21st Century
  • Small class sizes with experienced faculty
  • Personal advising and career guidance
  • Learning to lead while loving to learn

Career Opportunities

  • Kindergarten to Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Public Elementary Schools
  • Accredited Christian Schools
  • Mission Field Teacher
  • Orphanages
  • Teaching English in China
  • Missionary Schools
  • Bible School Teacher

Why Consider Teacher Education at Barclay College?

  • 100% of Teacher Education candidates living on-campus receive a 100% tuition discount scholarship for four years
  • Candidates receive hands-on learning experiences in Teacher Education courses with low faculty to candidate ratios
  • Candidates entering the classroom are ready to use current technology to enhance learning through Promethean Boards, SmartBoards, document cameras, and software
  • Candidates are prepared to be able to develop a Christian philosophy of education and to integrate the Bible into all curriculum areas
  • 150+ hours are spent in area classrooms through field experiences beginning in the freshman year, prior to student teaching
  • 100% of candidates, who have sought a full-time teaching position, have secured a job, either in the United States or in mission fields abroad with KSDE and/or ASCI licensure

Teacher Education Performance Data

  • The past 3 cohorts, admitted to the Teacher Education program, have secured a 3.26 average Cumulative General Education GPA
  • 100% of candidates have pass the Reading Exam and Writing Essay of the ACT-CAAP the first time; 78% have passed the Math Exam of the ACT-CAAP the first time.
  • 80% of candidates have passed the PLT Praxis II Exam the first time
  • 100% of candidates have passed the KPTP the first time
  • 100% of candidates have passed the Elementary Education Praxis II Exam the first time

Contact: Cheryl Couch