Any 24 hours drawn form the Advantage Christian Leadership core completed through the Barclay College Advantage Degree Completion Program:

ABA233 Ministry Financial Management 3

ABI205 Bible Study Methods 3

ABI301 Introduction to the Bible I 3

ABL391 Life Assessment/Self Management 3

ASL323 Spiritual Formation 3

ACM392 Christian Church History and Ministry 3

ACM216 Communication in Ministry 3

ACM395 Leadership in Ministry I 3

ACM396 Leadership in Ministry II 3

AMI209 World Christian Perspectives 3

ANT392 Models of Conflict Management: Philippians & Acts 3

AOT393 Models of Leadership: Nehemiah 3

APY317 Techniques of Counseling 3

ATH105 Basic Beliefs 3

ATH304 Bible Evidences 3