Any 24 hours drawn form the Advantage Biblical Studies core completed through the Barclay College Advantage Degree Completion Program:

ABI207 Bible Study Methods [Colossians]/Writing 3

ABI306 Advanced Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutics) 3

ACM392 Christian Church History & Ministry 3

AMI322 World Religion Perspectives 3

ANT242 Synoptic Gospels/Acts 3

ANT342 Principles of Church Planting/Church Growth 3

ANT344 Pauline Epistles 3

ANT356 Writings of John 3

AOT252 Wisdom Literature 3

AOT321 Pentateuch 3

AOT351 Old Testament Prophets 3

ASL323 Spiritual Formation 3

ATH304 Bible Evidences (Apologetics) 3

ATH341 Systematic Theology I 3

ATH342 Systematic Theology II 3