The Faculty win! After a disappointing regular season saw the coed faculty intramural softball squad go 0-3, they won when it counted.

Led by team captains Dave Williams and Tim Hawkins, the Faculty team entered tournament play as the four seed and pulled off an improbable upset of the top seeded team in the tournament. They then marched their way onto victory in the championship game by a score of 20-6.

Even though the Faculty squad had an average age nearing 40, they were able to limp their way through the regular season, dropping all three games by a total of four runs.

“We just had to get into the Big Dance and keep a positive frame of mind,” said left fielder Royce Bryan. “Once the tournament came, there was no looking back.”

The Intramural Coed Softball Championship concluded the 2011-12 intramural season. This year coed 7 v. 7 flag football, coed 3 v. 3 volleyball, coed 5 v. 5 basketball and coed softball were participated in by students and faculty alike.

“It was a good year of intramural sports. Next year I hope to build on the successes we have had this year with even more participation and more sports as well,” said Bryan.

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