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Hello! My name is Christa Follette and I am the Mentor Coordinator Intern for Kaleo Academy. I am excited to step into this role to support, encourage, and obtain feedback from the program’s mentors. Mentoring is vital to the growth of people of all ages, especially youth and young adults. I have been mentored formally and informally for the past 8 years of my life, have mentored others, and I currently serve as a Resident Assistant in the Freshman Residence Halls at Friends University, a position that creates space for intentional mentoring. I look forward to connecting with the mentors and supporting them as they serve in this crucial role for their mentees. I will be sending out a monthly newsletter for the mentors with encouragement, affirmation, and tips for connecting with their student. My set office hours will be:

Monday 9:00-9:45 AM

Tuesday 7:00-8:00 PM

Thursday 1:00-2:30 PM

If for some reason after perusing this page you still have questions or are unsure about anything, just let me know!

Christa Follette

Contact me at:  


Congratulations on entering this journey for spiritual growth and theological learning! Now, you are ready to apply for Kaleo Academy and need to choose a mentor!  A mentor will be crucial in helping you process everything you learn at Theology Camp, encourage and support your Released Project, and offer love and advice throughout your year in Kaleo Academy.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your mentor:
  • First, you will not be doing this alone! Choosing a mentor will take place alongside a pastoral leader from your home church, as well as with your parent's support and guidance.
  • Pray as you begin the process. Pray that God will bring someone to mind or lead you to the best mentor possible in your local area.
  • Make a list of anyone who has had an impact on your life, especially spiritually. Who is someone you connect with, respect, and enjoy spending time with that is four or more years older than you? Who is a Christian in your church or community that you look up to? Is there someone you already go to for advice outside of your family or friends?
  • Note: Your mentor can be a relative, but preferably not a parent or sibling. We recommend finding someone of your same gender.
  • Consider their phase of life: Some people are in a place where it may not be wise to mentor. If they just had a child or have several kids of their own, if they recently suffered a life altering event such as a death or job change, if they are over-committed already, mentoring might be too much. However, don’t count them out because you THINK they won’t be able to. Just keep it in mind.
  • Think beyond your youth leader: Not that they aren’t awesome, but they are investing in many lives of those in your youth group. They may feel overwhelmed by entering an in-depth mentoring relationship while also leading your group.
Consider these traits when selecting someone:
    • Trustworthy, consistent, affirming, believes in you, accepting, fun, admirable, positive, transparent, good listener, respectful, high values, strong spiritual life.

      Do NOT worry about:
    • Finding someone who is perfect, someone you have everything in common with, being close already (though this can be helpful), someone your age or near your age.
Still stumped? Continue brainstorming with your parents, pastoral leader, youth leader, or good friends for ideas.
Approaching someone to be your mentor may not feel comfortable for you, but it isn’t hard!
  • Once you know who you want to approach, schedule a time where you can talk one-on-one.
  • During your meeting: Tell them about Kaleo Academy! What is this program, why are you applying, what do you hope to gain from the experience? Show them a brochure or the website while you are together.
  • Explain the mentoring role within Kaleo Academy and why you chose them. Be sure to highlight the traits they have that made you want to approach them! Tell them what you expect in the mentoring relationship. How often you want to meet, what you want to do together etc.
  • Direct them to the mentoring website page! This page (that you are currently on right now) will tell them all of the expectations, roles, and give more information about the overall program and the part they can play.
  • See if they have any questions. If you cannot answer a question, refer them to the website where they can contact Kaleo Academy staff.
  • Ask them to pray about it and let you know by a certain date.
**If they turn you down, don’t get discouraged. Go back to the drawing board to choose someone else and repeat the process.
1. Why do I need a mentor for Kaleo Academy? If you are unfamiliar with the mentoring relationship, you will learn a lot about the incredible benefits of mentoring during your year with Kaleo Academy. Many of the relationships in the Bible utilized mentoring as leaders and family members helped to train others. Jesus even mentored the disciples, living life with them, and teaching them how to serve God as the church. Your mentor will help you put the theological knowledge from Theology Camp into practice in your daily life. They will meet with you every week or so to hangout, talk through your online curriculum, encourage your Released Project, study Scripture with you, and build you up!

2. What do we do together? You can decide this together and it will look different for every mentoring relationship. Kaleo Theology Camp and the Released Project (service learning project) will be two major elements that can shape your time. We will provide follow up information for your mentors to help you process the experience together and to give the mentors a chance to engage with you. Also, as you traverse the online curriculum throughout the year, mentors will have a chance to watch their own videos and discuss topics with you. Don't worry though, not every meeting has to be serious or revolve around Kaleo Academy! You are free to hangout doing whatever the two of you enjoy doing!

3. I'm busy! How do I make time for mentoring? This might take a little work, but we can help you find a routine that works for both you and your mentor. If you are very active, your meeting time might change week-to-week, which is perfectly fine. The easiest advice we can offer is to spend time together doing things you are already going to do. Most of us eat dinner at night, so why not cook a meal together or go out to eat while you talk? If you have a game or want to watch friends play, invite your mentor along and chat on the way or as you watch together. If you attend the same church, maybe you can go early or stay for a little while afterwards to hangout. Don't get discouraged when considering adding another thing to your schedule. It can be easier than you might think!


Paraclete (perəˌklēt): Greek noun meaning “The one who comes alongside to help.” This is how we envision your role as a Kaleo Academy Mentor; coming alongside a student to help them through their journey. This may be your first mentoring experience, so we hope to offer you a bit of information about what mentoring is and what it is not. "Mentoring is the critical link in developing, protecting, and optimizing Christian leaders for the next century!” Bobb Biehl (a pioneer author on the topic of mentoring) in Mentoring: How to find a mentor and how to become one. Your goal as a Mentor will simply be to help the student reach their God-given potential.

Mentoring Is:
    • Companionship
    • Comradery
    • Correction
    • Friendship
    • Modeling your Christian journey
    • Listening
    • Living life together
You will be provided many more resources and formal training prior to beginning your time as a Mentor through Kaleo Academy. Thank you for your willingness to commit to this year with your student. We pray you are both transformed together in Christ as you help your student pursue their calling!
1. How much time does it require? Every mentoring relationship will be different, but in order to build a strong relationship, we encourage pairs to meet at least two or three times a month for a total of four hours per month. Regular hour-long meetings are ideal, but you have to work with your schedules. You will begin meeting in July after Theology Camp and finish up the following April, though you are welcome to continue thereafter! 2. What do we do or talk about during mentoring? You can decide this together and once again, it will look different for every mentoring relationship. Kaleo Academy Theology Camp and the Released Project (service learning project) will be two major elements that can shape your time. We will provide follow up information for you to process the experience together and give the Mentors a chance to engage with the students. Also, as the students traverse the online curriculum throughout the program, Mentors will have a chance to watch videos and discuss topics with them. Have no fear, your mission is not to save the planet in three hours a month. 3. Does it always have to be serious or deep? No! Even considering the above ideas, please make sure to have fun! No relationship is always serious or philosophical. Some days you may need a break from life to just goof off, go on an adventure, or veg out together. Also, it is probably safe to say that even Jesus and the disciples shared some laughs along their journey. After all, God gave us a sense of humor to use. 4. Where do we meet? Wherever you are most comfortable, and it can vary as you wish. If the weather is nice, go on a walk or head to a local park. Coffee shops or restaurants are always good for talking over a treat or meal. Environments that allow for easy conversation and face-to-face interaction are best. Change it up to keep your meetings interesting and enjoyable! 5. What if I’m afraid I will be a bad Mentor? First off, take a deep breath because this is a natural fear. Many people have concerns that they won’t make much of a difference or even that they could cause harm. Since these students chose you, you can already rest assured that they WANT to spend time with you. Also, these kids are cream of the crop. They pursued a theological academy to deepen their own faith journey. You can relax and enjoy that journey with them. As long as you are consistent, supportive, and a good role model, the rest will work itself out. 6. Do I have to attend Theology Camp? It is highly encouraged that you attend Theology Camp. Theology Camp in June on Barclay College Campus in Haviland, Ks and housing will be provided. Other than transportation, all other expenses are covered for your participation in Theology Camp. This will give you an opportunity to bond with your student, learn much more about Kaleo Academy, attend classes with your student, attend face-to-face mentor training, and meet Kaleo Academy staff! We understand that this may not be possible for you with work and/or a family though, therefore videos will be available online after camp to learn on your own. 7. Am I in charge of my student’s Released Project? Only if you desire to be! Each student will have a local project supervisor, which often will not be the Mentor. We do not desire to create any awkwardness or tension between you and your student. You CAN discuss plans with them, help carry the project to completion (without doing it for them), and offer encouragement, ideas and constructive criticism along the way. 8. What happens if life changes impact my mentoring commitment during the year? Life can be unpredictable, and we cannot always be certain of what the future holds. Obviously, if things arise that are out of your control but impact your ability to continue as a Mentor, we will work to figure something out. That being said, we will encourage you to stay as consistent as possible barring any drastic changes such as moving away or traumatic events.
Covenant Agreement:
  • I agree to mentor for 10 months beginning in July through April during their time with Kaleo Academy. I agree to meet for mentoring meetings 2-4 times per month or at least 4 total hours per month in order to best love, support, and encourage my student on their journey.
  • I agree to regularly (3 + times/month) attend church to personally grow in my relationship with Christ in order to encourage my student’s growth.
  • My beliefs fall in line with those of the evangelical Friends Church and Barclay College. Refer to this link:
  • If I am unable to attend Theology Camp, I agree to watch brief training videos online to best prepare me for the mentoring experience.
  • I agree to abstain from alcohol or tobacco use around my student including concealing any containers in my home during their visits.
  • I agree to maintain confidentiality with my student by not sharing anything they share with me during our mentoring time without first seeking their permission, unless that information is concerning to me. If they tell me something that leads me to believe they are in harm from themselves, from others, or might cause harm to others, I will pass that along to the Mentor Coordinator and my pastor for guidance with how to proceed.
  • I agree to offer guidance, encouragement, and support for my student’s Released Project throughout the year.
  • I agree to follow along with the provided curriculum topics each month to support my student's learning during Kaleo Academy.
  • I agree to communicate with and offer periodic feedback to the Kaleo Academy staff over the course of the year to offer suggestions for how to improve the program for future Kaleo Academy classes.By signing below, I acknowledge that I agree to all of the above statements and will uphold them to the best of my ability. Signature Date Signed
After you begin your mentoring relationship, Kaleo's Mentor Coordinator, will be in contact with you regularly for support, encouragement, and to get feedback.
Kaleo Academy Theology Camp will be in June at Barclay College Campus in Haviland, Ks. During Theology Camp, students will participate in an intensive week of learning about Quaker History and the Friends Church, dig into Scripture, seek to discover their individual calling, learn and worship alongside other students, plan their Released Project, and bond with you as their Mentor! It will be a busy, exciting, and fun-filled week to launch the student's year in Kaleo Academy. As we mentioned in the FAQs, we strongly encourage you to attend Theology Camp with your student. Other than your transportation, all of the other Theology Camp expenses are covered! We will provide housing and can even try to accommodate your family (with enough warning) so they can join you for the week.
Following Theology Camp, students will work with their Mentors and/or other ministry leaders to complete approximately 50 hours of service learning. This will be called the Released Project, using the old Quaker term released, as students are being Released into their calling over the course of the program.
  • Students will serve in a way that fits their ministry interests and passion, and may fill a gap in their home church.
  • This is an opportunity to practice ministry work in a way that serves the church and community and explores the student's gifts.
  • The church wishes to RELEASE the student's calling and their gifts into practical service.
Mentors will be asked to encourage and engage with the students throughout their Released Project. This does not mean that Mentors will do any of the actual work for or with them, but they can offer advice and support along the way. Visit the Released Project page for more information or contact Kaleo Staff.
Throughout the program, students will participate in an online curriculum to continue their theological learning, aid their Released Project, and complete projects for Kaleo Academy. As their Mentor, you will have access to their curriculum as well as be provided with your own tools to learn along with the student. You will receive much more information about the online learning element as Theology Camp approaches, but we look forward to connecting with you over the course of Kaleo Academy!

Questions? Feel free to contact Kaleo staff or Mentor Coordinator Christa Follette.