Phillips Hall

Phillips Hall was built in 1947. Originally it was the cafeteria, library, women’s dorm, and administrative offices. Today Phillips Hall contains the administrative offices such as the President, Admissions, Financial Aid, the Business Office, Network Administration, the Registrar, and Alumni. Phillips Hall also houses the Music Department and the yearbook office.


Jackson Hall

Jackson Hall was built in 1994 and named in honor of Sheldon Jackson, a former president of the college. Jackson Hall has three regular classrooms, a science classroom and lab, and one faculty office. Most of the classes at Barclay College meet in Jackson Hall.


Worden Memorial Library

Worden Memorial Library was built in 1979 and named in memory of Dean Worden, a strong supporter of the college. The Library houses the faculty offices and a couple of classrooms. The Library has a computer lab, media room, study rooms, and a special Friends book collection in the Quaker Room.


Hockett Auditorium

Hockett Auditorium serves as the center for the Barclay Bears’ athletic programs, containing the gymnasium/auditorium, performance stage, concession center, and locker rooms.


Broadhurst Student Center

Broadhurst Student Center was built in 1968. The Student Center has the cafeteria, Bear Necessities (the campus apparel and gift store), a student lounge with games and a big screen television, mail boxes, and the Bear’s Den (a place to eat and hang out). The cafeteria and the Bear’s Den are open to the public during the school year.


Lewis Hall

Lewis Hall was built in 2010 as a result of the school doubling its number of students and it was full the first year. There is room for housing 60+ men at one time. The resident director has a two bedroom apartment on the first floor. There are laundry facilities, air condition units for each room, and lobby areas with couches, tables, and a big screen television.


Coppock Hall

Coppock Hall was built in 1963 and can house 50 men. It replaced the first men’s dorm which was originally built as barracks for the Army. The head resident has a two bedroom apartment. Coppock Hall also has laundry facilities for residents.


Lemmons Hall

Lemmons Hall was built in 2000. It is a nice, modern facility with adjoining rooms sharing a bathroom. There is a one-bedroom apartment for the head resident. The building can easily hold 64 residents. The rooms on the lower floor are usually rented to visitors that are staying overnight. The building also houses the StuCo offices.