Ray Anderson

Social Sciences
B.S.E. Emporia State University
M.S. Emporia State University
Email: ray.anderson@barclaycollege.edu

Derek Brown

Pastoral Ministry, Chaplain
B.A. Barclay College
M.A.R. Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Johnson University (In Progress)
Barclay College 2012-
Email: derek.brown@barclaycollege.edu

Royce Bryan

Athletic Director
B.S. Bemidji State
M.S. Southwest Baptist University
Email: royce.bryan@barclaycollege.edu

Joshua Bunce

Youth Ministry, Bible
B.S. Barclay College
M.Div. George Fox Evangelical Seminary
Barclay College 2009-
Email: joshua.bunce@barclaycollege.edu
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Cheryl Couch

Elementary Education
B.S.E. Oklahoma Christian University
M.S. Wichita State University
Barclay College 2012-
Email: cheryl.couch@barclaycollege.edu

Pat Hall

Library Director
B.A. Barclay College
M.L.S. Emporia State University
Barclay College 2010-
Email: pat.hall@barclaycollege.edu
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Tim Hawkins

English, Literature
B.S. Central Christian College of McPherson
M.A. Kansas State University
M.F.A. University of Alaska Anchorage
Barclay College 2008-
Email: tim.hawkins@barclaycollege.edu
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Lois Kendall

Psychology & Family Studies
B.S. Wichita State University
M.S. Friends University
Barclay College 1999-
Email: lois.kendall@barclaycollege.edu
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Ryan Kendall

Sports & Recreation Leadership, Bible
B.A. George Fox University
B.S. Newman University
M.A. Liberty University
Barclay College 2002-
Email: ryan.kendall@barclaycollege.edu

Dave Kingrey

Graduates Studies, Bible/Theology
B.S. Earlham college
M. Min. Earlham School of Religion
D. Min. Earlham School of Religion
Barclay College 2007-
Email: dave.kingrey@barclaycollege.edu
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Kevin Mortimer

B.A. Barclay College
M.A. Friends University
Ph.D. University of Birmingham, UK
Barclay College 2011-
Email: kevin.mortimer@barclaycollege.edu

Jared Ross

Worship Arts
B.S. Friends University
M.M.E. Wichita State University
D.W.S. Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies
Barclay College 2000-
Email: jared.ross@barclaycollege.edu
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Jerry Simmons

Science, Math, Elementary Education
B.S. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
B.A. Barclay College
M.S. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Barclay College 2008-
Email: jerry.simmons@barclaycollege.edu
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Stacey Wheeler

English, Piano
B.A. Friends University
Barclay College 2009-
Email: stacey.wheeler@barclaycollege.edu

Shelby Williams

Psychology, Campus Counselor
B.S. Barclay College
M.S. Friends University
Barclay College 2009-

Email: shelby.williams@barclaycollege.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Ned Arthur Ministry. A.A. Indiana Vocational Technical College; B.S. Indiana Wesleyan; M.S. (Management) Indiana Wesleyan. Barclay College 2011-

Matthew Chesnes Bible and Ministry. B.A. John Wesley College; M.Div. (Ministry) Asbury Theological Seminary; D. Min. (Ministry) Fuller Theological Seminary. Barclay College 2010-

Michael Couch English. B.S.E. (Elementary Education) Oklahoma Christian College; MSE (Leadership) Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Barclay 2013-

Bryan Easley Ministry. B.A. Asbury College; M.Div. (Ministry) Wesley Biblical Seminary; Ph.D. (Organizational Leadership/Behavior) Regent University. Barclay 2012-

Ray Easley Ministry. Th.B. Covenant Foundation College; M.Div. (Ministry) Anderson University School of Theology; Ed. D. (Education) University of Arkansas. Barclay 2012-

Jack Holliday Bible. B.S. Barclay College; M. A. (Bible Exposition) Pensacola Christian. Barclay 1973-1992, 2009-

Gary Jones Ministry. B.A. Barclay College; M.A. Indiana Wesleyan; M.S. Indiana University; Ph.D. Indiana University in process. Barclay 2010-

Morris Jones Ministry B.A. Barclay College; M.A. Indiana Wesleyan; Ph.D. (abd) Purdue University. Barclay 2009-

Jon Kershner Theology. B.A. George Fox University; M.Div. (Ministry) Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D. (Theology) University of Birmingham (UK). Barclay 2012

Arden Kinser Bible and Ministry. B.A. Barclay College; M.A. (Biblical Studies) George Fox Evangelical Seminary; M.A. (Counseling) Liberty University; D. Min. (Marriage & Family) Palmer Theological Seminary. Barclay College 2009-

Chelle Leininger Spanish, Bible. B.A. Barclay College; M. Div. (Ministry) Azusa Pacific University; PreK-12 Spanish/ESOL Certified FHSU/WSU Ed.D. (Education) Kansas State University in process. Barclay 2013-

Jeanine LeShana Music. B.A. George Fox University. Barclay 2012-

Steven Mann Bible B.A. Azusa Pacific University; M.Div.(Ministry) Azusa Pacific University; Ph.D. (Theology) Fuller Theological Seminary. Barclay 2013-

Jesse Penna Ministry B.A. Friends University; MACM (Ministry) Friends University. Barclay 2011-

Gene Pickard MATL, B.A. Barclay College; M. Div. Asbury Theological Seminary; D. Missiology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Roger Powell Math. B.S. Friends University; M.A. Friends University. Barclay 2011-

Paul Romoser Counseling. A.A. Danville Jr. College; B.A. Barclay College; M.S. (Family Therapy)Friends University. Barclay 2013-

Paul Shelton MATL, MBA. (Business Administration) Azusa Pacific; Grad Hours Pepperdine University; Ph.D.(Education and Human Resource Studies–Organizational Performance and Change) Colorado State University.

Maria Smith Business. A.A. Broward College; B.A. Florida International University; MBA.(Business Administration) New York Institute of Technology. Barclay 2012-

Linda Snyder Psychology. B.S. Barclay College; M.A.(Human Services Counseling) Regent University. Barclay College 2013-

Kayleen Stevens Business. B.S. Emporia State University; M.A. (Business Administration) in process. Barclay College 2009-

Mark Triplett Business. B.B.A.(Accounting) Oklahoma Christian University; M.B.A.(Business Administration) Wichita State University. Barclay 2013-

Tony Wheeler, Family Studies, Director of the Institute of the Blessing. B.S. Barclay College, M.S. (Family Studies/Therapy) Friends University; Ph.D. (Life Education Consultation) Kansas State University. Barclay College 2009-

Keith White MATL, M.R.E. (Religious Education) Nazarene Bible Seminary; Ph.D. (Educational Psychology & Research) University of Kansas

Derek Wilder Ministry. B.A. Anderson University; M.A. (Theological Studies) Liberty University; M. Div. (Ministry) Liberty University in process. Barclay 2011-

David Williams Discipleship and Spiritual Formation. B.A. Malone University, M.A. Ashland Theological Seminary, D.Min. George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Barclay College 2000-

Carol Wright Bible and Ministry. B.S. Barclay College; M.A. (Spiritual Formation and Leadership)Spring Arbor University. Barclay 2011-

Gary Wright Bible and Ministry. B.A. Asbury College; M.A. Trinity Divinity School (incomplete) Barclay 1985-1990, 2011-

Faculty Emeriti

Fred Johnson B.A. Northwest Nazarene College; M.Div. Asbury Theological Seminary; M.S. Fort Hays State University; Ph.D. Kansas State University. Barclay College 1965-2008

Robin Johnston B.A. George Fox University; M.A. Wheaton College; D.D. George Fox University. Barclay College 1969-1995.

James Leininger B. S. Chadron State College; M.S. Kansas State Teachers College. Barclay College 1972-1994

Roberta Leininger B.A. Friends University; M.S. Kansas State Teachers College; MLS. Emporia State University. Barclay College 1972-1994.